Wherever You Go . . .

Distance doesn't matter, has never mattered to me. My first serious g/f lived 3 and half hours by bus and an hour more still by train. I've talked to women in SC, Wisconsin, Kentucky and now in Australia. Do I care that someone is multiple time zones away? Like Celine Dion would say 'Far across the distances and spaces between us' - love goes on and on. Distance can't stop it. All I care about is people and the only thing I ask or demand in return is that they have the same caring for me regardless of that distance. Yes, here I am in the USA - this is me and while there's nowhere else I'd rather be short of Ireland right now - I will wait forever for true friends and lovers.

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3 Responses Jun 26, 2009

You give hope to long distance relationships (:

Very nice story bro....I have nothing to say...but kudos to you for this.

It is all very well being able to talk to one another - but the lack of intimacy is killing me. I long for her touch. Back in the mid 80s I was a radio officer in the merchant navy - used to go away for 6 months at a time and generally communicated by letter, phone calls cost a fortune, £4 ($6) a minute cheapest. Today we have Skype and IM - but I could never manage 6 months apart.