For me this world is survival of the fittest. I don't care about rights. Everything for me must be earned. Love, respect, freedom etc. I don't care what it is i do not mind fighting for it. Actually i even like a good fight sometimes.

I should say that even though i live my life this way that i don't put it on other people. This is just my life and just how i like to live.

Arorin Arorin
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Well as far as rights go i don't care if people give me mine or not, but i can't make everyone like me.

Not caring isn't a crime. Just because someone doesn't care doesn't mean they act on those feelings. Even the people who don't care about human rights still have their own rights. I did not specify with my group title what i meant but i did explain my position on it with my story. Maybe i could of worded it differently, but this is what i thought of at the time.

I don't care about human rights when it comes down to me. That is what this story is about.

No i don't believe in human rights for those who violated the basic rights o innocent others. Depending on what it is, and if it can be made up for eventually. <br />
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But i was saying this just for me. No one else. I don't care if you give me human rights or not. I will fight for myself to have everything that i do. I do not like innocent people to get hurt, so i would never fight someone who wasn't trying to take anything away from me.

Just to clarify that I understand where you are coming from. You don't care about human rights for those who violate the basic rights of innocent others? Is this kind of what your saying? For example: a child molestor should have no human rights because they took the basic human right to be treated with respect away from an innocent child. Or that a terrorist should have no human rights because they have or could potentially take away the basic human right to live without fear?<br />
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Or do you, on the other hand, feel that you don't believe in basic human rights for even the innocent?

I said already that this was just for myself and not others sleepless. <br />
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Depends on the case flyod, but not a grown man who knows what he is doing.

Nobody should is my point ar.

Well i wont feel sympathy for the murders.

We can never have an eye to match these ********....but heck yeah!

Eye for an eye floyd?

Human rights seem pretty useless to me too a lot of times. A terrorist will kill like 1000s of people and when he is tortured these guys come up...wtf!

I have seen more abuse then anyone should have too, but i am fine with no one giving me rights. I will fight for them if i have to.

A sadly inhuman kind of story this, Arorin.<br />
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It seems to me that your own human rights must have been seriously abused for you to be so cynical at such a young age.