So What?


I don't get why people care so much about how someone looks. One important thing I've learned is that how someone looks gives no kind of insight whatsoever as to what kind of person they are. I hate people that won't give someone the time of day, or the respect they deserve, or give someone the common courtesy that everyone is entitled to just because of the way they look. People that shallow and superficial are the ones that deserve to be snubbed.

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

hi there how are you doing im kind of new to this website and im looking to meet new friend's im a really nice guy i dont care about look's you could be the most good looking person in the world or not means noting to me i just care about who u are as a person and im really trying to make some friend's if u dont want to be friend's it's ok but i really hope to get back a msg from you and god bless

When it comes to non-romantic relationships, looks really don't matter worth ****. Everyone deserves a chance, no matter what they look like. Romantically- a physical attraction is helpful.