Love Me Or Hate Me.

I love myself even thou i have alot wrong with me i have a drug addiction that takes over my life but i also have a group of stalkers who have come into my life due to my mental break down and are playing sick games with me,calling me all kinds of childish names to get a reaction from me but the truth is i really dont care any more about what these people dis like about me after all i aint seeking affection and respect from people who only have time to cause trouble with me but i am going about life even thou i aint doing any thing intill i go some where to address my addiction,i still have total strangers who are so full of hate and a need to prove who they are and what they can do,i am only botherd with myself and those i have around me who are all i need as who wants to be loved by all,hello goog bye and if you dont like me then turnthe other way i say but with todays people its all about image....

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
Mar 7, 2010