Opinions are like *** Holes, everyone has one. Lol!!!!

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I was just kidding, but that's why I always say " In my opinion", because, I know everyone has an opinion and they have the right to voice their opinion, but I don't agree with offending someone with my beliefs, Like I could say I don't like a certain religion, well I know that would hurt or offend someone so I don't say that, because I would want to hear some one bash my religion. So I have the freedom to voice my opinion, I could say that I think. I could say that in my opinion, My church is a good one to belong to, because I believe that the teachings are good for children.

So You Can't Differentiate Between The Truth & An Opinion Then?

Thanks!!LOl!!!<br />
I got a million of them,<br />
<br />
If you like that, you'll like these.<br />
How do you make a campfire?<br />
Rub to Girl Scouts together. Lol!!!!!<br />
<br />
If you want to make your boobs bigger, try toilet paper, <br />
See what it did for your ***!!! Lol!!!<br />
<br />
Why did Raggedy Ann get kicked out of the Toy box?<br />
She kept setting on Pinocchio's nose.

LOL! this is the greatest story I read today, I can't stop laughing.<br />
<br />
Thanks for this