I really dont, dont care what anybody thinks, if people like me hate me come around dont come around, **** it lol. Ive spent so damn much of my life worried about trying to make friends, have a life, do this, do that, I dont care anymore. Let it all sort itself out. Im just going to live and be as happy as i can. Im not saying im gonna start ******** on people or anything like that but i mean damn man. Life sucks and people are so ******* complicated. Why bother caring anyway? Most of the time when you put a lot of effort in people take advantage of you and use you for whatever they need then theyre gone anyway. At least this way you dont waste alot of energy on that crap.

If somebody really tried to be my friend id give it a shot and do my best but i mean I guess what im saying is im tired of all the fly by nights, the 5 second conversations that lead to dead ends. The blah blah blah, hell i dont even care to explain it. **** it.

Im good with that. Thank you and good night.
shinjorai shinjorai
41-45, M
1 Response Aug 16, 2014

Sorry if I haven't been the friend you've needed or wanted.

No buddy youre a great friend, i just was having a bad night and id been drinking is all. Im feeling better today, well relatively speaking except the hangover lol.