My Intolerance

I think to begin it is important to explain what I mean when I speak of "drama". Drama is an unnecessary event that is brewed from a need from a party to elicit negative emotional responses, either directly or indirectly from another party. Where drama spawns seems to be from people who are unsatisfied with their own situations because of boredom or chaos. There is a definite factor of control when a person decides to dabble with creating drama. Since they cannot find excitement or order in their lives, they choose to control those features in the lives of others.

I have a high sensitivity to drama. I know when a comment or question is genuine or when it is only said to rub someone the wrong way. I react very strongly towards the latter. To me, this sort of behavior is the seedling to something much more sinister. It is the lack of compassion, understanding, and overall empathy for another human being. The disregard for another person's well being is tantamount in explaining some of the world's sickest behaviors. I do not tolerate the existence of such thoughts in any amount, especially in my own social sphere.
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Thanks for the comment, Dragoncat. You're right, it is a disruptive inhibitor. And it does work against reason. One of the most difficult things in dealing with drama is that sometimes it can be very subtle. A certain swing or twisting of the facts can lead someone to confuse fact with fiction. We are all emotional creatures on some level, so this kind of exposure can be hugely alarming. I've come to know what signs to look for in avoiding drama altogether. I have very few female companions because of this. Men, I find, are less interested in stories and more interested in ideas. However, I also understand that gender stereotypes are absolutely wrong, but this has been my experience. I've found a disproportionately large amount of red flags in the female gender than the male.

And you are wise to do so... I've come to think of "drama" and those who like to thrust it upon others as a very cruel "disruptive" inhibitor that totally discombobulates someone else’s normal reasoning and emotions. It is almost like a computer virus that fries a persons programming, high jacking a persons normal functions and causing their systems to run amok. Of course this can only occur if it is allowed. It takes time for a person to realize the effects that "drama" can have on their lives and sometimes it is not easy to simply send away from the person who wants to drop it on you, simply because you might honestly care about them. But in the end you come to realize that their rage, anger and emotional feelings do not have to become your feelings.