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Caught So Many Times

I've been caught wearing pantyhose so many times that I am to the point where it won't even bother me if I get caught again.
mc1645 mc1645 18-21, M 2 Responses Jul 4, 2011

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very nice ;)

Me too, I can't actually say I get "caught" anymore, I love going out and showing my pantyhose either the waistband, which is my favorite, or my ankles. I have worn them with shorts and of course I have gone out fully dressed but there is something better about being seen in pantyhose as a guy. I like wearing hipster panties with off-white pantyhose and girl jeans and a nice pastel top. If I don't wear ballett flats I wear white canvas Keds sneakers. I like bending at the knees and letting the waistband of my pantyhose rise above the waist of my slacks. I make sure my shirt always floats above my waist so any time my slacks ride a little low my pantyhose shows.

I do the same all the time. Recently began wearing nylons with sandals in public. Ironically nobody notices :(