Comes And Gos

When I was about 9 I was part of the populars. I was at the top of my game. I felt powerful. Then I hit pubrty at age 10. My friends thought I was a *****. I lost my title and edge and completely was shut out by everyone. I was lonely and broken. Then when I was in 5th grade I made some friends. I lost them at the end of the year due to drama. I began to cut my 6th grade year. I was then labeled emo. I got some friends more of a pitty party. I then found true friends and kept them close. I lost my thoughts of ever wanting to be popular again. I don't care if I am or I'm not. Now my 7th grade year. I have friends and my popularity is growing back. Still a lot of drama and rumors. It's what keeps me cutting that and addiction. Anyways, my popularity is growing back but I don't care. I never will again. Not after everything I've been through.
hopeless101 hopeless101
22-25, F
Jan 23, 2013