Bongs For Life

I have known many successful, responsible people whp indulge in marijuana on occasion.   Marijuana makes you a slacker?  So was Carl Sagan a slacker?  How about Richard Branson?

Alcohol has killed hundreds of thousands of people and nearly killed millions more, including me.  The number of deaths from marijuana?  ZERO!  That means that most any object in your home right now has killed more people than marijuana, yet it remains illegal.  Why?  More or less, the legal system in America has swung wildly out of control and we work for it rather than it working for us.

Michael Phelps won EIGHT gold medals, achieving at his young age more than most drug warriors and prohibitionist busybodies achieve in the entirety of their lifetimes.
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

I agree so very much. Alcohol abuse has been in my family for a very long time. It ruines families and causes people early death. In fact some alcohol abusers become violent and abuse themselves and others. Weed does not make people violent. In fact I believes I makes them mellow. Alcohol is addicting and weed is not. I know many good people that smoke and lead great lives. Let's not get sterotypical now.......picturing the bums on the couch smoking weed all day. Ha!

pot is good but it sure does not make you swim faster...