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Who Cares?

It's not like he took steroids or some other performance-enhancing drug. If anything, if he managed to get to where he is and still smoke up, it's even more impressive.
sumnerkagan sumnerkagan 46-50, M 3 Responses Aug 2, 2012

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You mustbe simple. I said I dont care what he does and you have no cue. As usual, if someone disagrees slighty peope call them trolls. I care not what Phelps does but I personally cannot guarahtee what else he may have used. Can you? Pick a fight? What's wrong with you. You make a blase comment on an open fight and you become a troll wanting a fight. WHo's got a large personality problem then. It ain't me babe. It's you. How's about you do whatever it was to yourself istead. Better all round. And det a grip. Try reading what is written mot what your pot smoking paranoia tells you. I use it too but I don't have the paranoia you display. Complete ******.

Wow. Enjoy your padded cell, shithead.

So who's condemned him? Don't point at me. That just makes you look like a halfwit. I'v enever said a thing about him and don't care to. You also do not know what substrances he may have taken apart from having the odd bong. You're just making assumptions through hero worship. Big deal, He can swim. Whoopee.

Wow. Troll much? Who's the halfwit? The group is called "I Don't Care If Michael Phelps Smokes Pot". Your combative response combined with the subject implied a negative opinion of the man. As far as hero worship goes, I actually managed to remain completely oblivious to his existence until this pot-smoking thing came up. Big deal. You're an ***. Whoopee. If you're just here to pick a fight, go **** yourself.

Hpw would you know what he's done? You don't have a clue at all.

No, but what little I DO know isn't enough to condemn the man.