Growing Up

Michael Phelps is a young man who is going to go throw a lot of things in reaching adulthood.  We all went through our paces and he is no different from us in this respect.  He is a phenomenal swimmer who holds a host of world records at present and may improve even more in the future.


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I never smoked pot. <br />
<br />
Being famous, for whatever reason, requires discipline. You become the center of attention, a role model, etc. If you don't like that, then think twice about doing it, whatever it is. This may not be right, but it's the way it is.<br />
<br />
If you are proved to be someone who makes bad decisions, stupid decisions, then it is what it is. You're good at "x", but you're an idiot as well. So be it.

Thanks Hal and everyone else, the media is nuts sometimes!

i think media is too much.. for me he is what he is and don't care if he gets weed or not.. anyway, nice story.. ^_^

I do not think it was his to start with. We just need to hang with his friends!

A meth head freaks out and kills a couple of people with a car, but the world stops for a week when Phelps hit the bong.<br />
Isn't that pathetic? So many more important things to worry about.<br />
So many other drugs causing real problems.

Yeah, like who hasn't at some point? I hate the media gave it so much attention. That's the real problem, it being on the news 50 thousand times a day for a week and beyond!

thank yo nudeinva- we all smoked pot at one time or another!!