Give Him Another Medal

 the man can do a drug that supppsedly makes you lazy and perform below your potential.....and yet he has how many olympic gold medals?? he could be the poster child for legalizing pot.....drugs dont hurt people or their potential, its the relentless need to do more and more that causes problems down the road. 

i dont do drugs and i'm not endorsing them.....but if your drug use is done in moderation and it doesnt affect your ability to get **** done and you can still make rational decisions, then no one else should give a ****! 

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mxgangrel, i dont disagree with you , persay, but the driving analogy doesnt help your reasoning. a persons driving is something that CAN improve over time and you can learn how to become a better driver.<br />
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alcohol would have been a better argument for you. there are many morons who get sh*t faced drunk, and like pot, every person who does it has the potential to be badly affected by it (whether it be short term or long term). i'm still trying to wrap my brain around why alcohol is legal and marijuana isnt......

hahaha, awesome story.<br />
for the record i didn't know he smoked pot until EP. It didn't make news here in New Zealand.

Just for the record I don't smoke MJ (in case anyone thinks that is what fuels my position.) As for the morons I agree in general, but you could make the same arguement for moron drivers (or ANYTHING) but that doesn't mean we should stop everyone from driving.<br />
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America was founded on personnal freedoms. We should let people do what they want if it is not hurting anyone else (when's the last time you heard of a smoking MJ and driving accident) and then punish/take future rights away from those that abuse their freedoms or the freedoms of others. <br />
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Just my opinion, we still agree in general, especially about medicinal MJ.<br />
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Cheers;-)<br />
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i definitely think it should be allowed for medicinal purposes.....but i still think there are waaaaay too many morons who would just stay baked all day if it were legal.

Amen!!! Not just M P but anyone that does it in moderation. It should be legal anyway. Especially for medicinal purposes... Hey maybe now that the Liberals control all three law making bodies we can get some legalization or at least decriminalization.

you said it, sister! that is exactly what i was thinking!

I dont care and am tired of hearing about him and A-rod! Really talk about something f**king imporatant for once instead of that crap!

Well, said! I'm glad it's not really a news item anymore, it really isn't a big deal.

haha, what a moron

I don't care either. I think he was set up on that whole deal anyway. That picture was worth a lot of money, and the dumb *** that had the pipe got busted because he was trying to sell the pipe on ebay for a 100