Celebrity Status Achieved

just beause he became a celebrity overnight makes michael phelps a target. who cares if he smokes weed. he is still young and it isn't like he's out there killing people. there are so many other things the world should and could be concerned about. but no, we are going to take out everything we can on the celebrities. dont the critics have anything better to report? not that i smoke, but i really dont care if phelps does either. he is a damn good swimmer.

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I don't care about this story myself. I kind of think he was set up in that whole deal anyway. That picture was worth a lot of money to the media, and the guy that owned the pipe was busted trying to sell it on ebay for 100 grand....

i must agree with everyone. he might be a role model now. but the ones that look up to him hopefully have more than one role model and are being taught what is right and wrong. it isn't up to him to teach everyone about everything.

Hey, the kid can smoke weed and still swim like Aquaman.<br />
I'm impressed.

Clinton, Bush, and Obama all admitted to using drugs in their youth - they weren't targeted like Michael. I think a lot of it is jealousy from some who want to see a guy like him "put in his place." By all accounts he is a nice guy. Whatever he does in his personal life that doesn't hurt anyone else should be his own business, not the business of some fame seeking newsman.

The media tends to be very silly at times!

i agree!<br />
although ironicaly, i think the fact that the media has let this out only adds to the endless evidence which demonstrates that smoking pot (in itself) doesn't ruin lives, turn you into a retard, or prevent an individual from being outstanding in general.

that is what i'm screaming. most people have at one time or another. if not, well that is their problem. lmao

no, i think everyones smoked pot at one time or another