Oh No!

Michael Phelps smokes pot?!?! How will we ever get through such a travesty? You know what, so what if Michael Phelps smokes pot in his spare time...just in case no one noticed, so does almost everyone else. And it's not like it makes him a better swimmer...if anything it would make him a worse swimmer...which doesn't say much for everyone else but says a lot for him. How is this actually an issue? Hasn't this guy earned the right to toke up every now and then?

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2009

O Noes! lol<br />
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Seriously, I haven't come across a single person that has actually cared about this 'scandal'. The media's moaning and groaning was nothing more than a desperate attempt to create the same type of outrage that people expressed over Janet Jackson's nipple. <br />
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Good god we live in a repressed society.

right on

I agree. This makes no difference to me. I think he was set up in that whole thing anyway...