Defender Of Faith

Although my life isn't perfect, and who's is I believe in God, participate in church and seek God's. direction for my life.I believe in the Bible and get irratated when people say " it's just a book".God has brought me to a place where I believe and value in myself more than ever.God is so powerful and I will defend my faith until the end.
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2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

you don't need to defend your faith...If the God you believe in is all powerful and all knowing...surely he can defend himself...I rather shared what he has done in my i can hide under his wings in the storm...let Him be the strong deliverer my shield and defender!!!and you don't need to get irritated when people say it is just a book...Tomorrow in a part of Malaysia, a group wants to burn the bible....Do we get angry...throw our weight we should respond appropriately and with moderation....and anyway the police will take care of this sensitive threat. Rather by prayer and suppication...let our request be make known to God!!!1