I am use to it so it is fine by me if someone wants to hate on myself. I could use the fight anyway.
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If you wish.

50 million people who do play them, who talk to there friends and family. Advertised on tv and radio. Not everyone like the Beatles but they all knew them. You would have to be living under a rock!<br />
<br />

Yes well 50 million people who play them all know. <br />
<br />
Only if the story is done by the time that i am.

Or I could have just said MMO like I did. <br />
<br />
damn that drink sounds good, but not sure it is good enough to have to sit and listen to a story..

Type in mmorpg at google and you will find your answer, and I am so sure... <br />
<br />
Shrimper is here!

you shall never be hated! not by me anyways!

I havent used skype or vent since I got out of MMO games, but yeah I know how to use it.

I dont have international calling.

it isnt what you say but how you say it. Communication is lost since you cant hear my voice.

I knew you was joking and that was my joke back.

It is my personal belief that we must find our own way. So even though I am so smart I cant help you or I would be hindering your ability to grow on your own.

not with me it isnt my problem lol.

That seems like a personal problem to me.

well dont think too hard about it.

maybe for awhile, not not forever, and you know where most of it is going to go.

well maybe not for awhile, but no need to go into detail about when I will be rid of you huh?

well if it is floss at least you wont stay in my teeth for very long.

There are more ways to be appetizing then just taste, like maybe my mean side being filled!

we will see about that!

-_- might lose an arm doing that..

nope no!

Maybe around dinner call.

Swear you will never get me!

Heeeeere, kitty kitty kitty ....

Not gonna catch me!

cant catch me!

He's just trying to play hard to get.... I say we each give A BIG HUG to the lovable Lion.

Yeah I know I am mean!


you just called me mean a min ago.



Yup! C'mon Floydess, let's each give the Lion a big hug and kiss!

nu huh


It's is way far enough in this case! You ARE loveable!

which isnt very far!

Lies and sladar!

mega ultra lies!


Silly lion, not only does the world not hate you, some of it loves you!