Why Do People Waste Their Time?

I never understood why people waste their time hating someone, or spreading rumors, or just not liking someone for no particular reason. Children do this, teens, and even grown ups. Why? Who knows.....me personally, I have my own problems. Student loans to pay back, family drama, a job to find, a dog to feed, a roof to keep over my head, clothes to buy..etc. are these people that apparently "don't like me" paying any of my bills? are they buying me food to eat? what's something POSITIVE that these "haters" are contributing to my life? nothing but negativity, and if someone is doing nothing but bringing you down, only has negative things to say, and "don't like you", then let them waste their time minding your business. because obviously this person doesn't have a life, their to busy worrying about yours...
honeybun403 honeybun403
18-21, F
Nov 23, 2010