It Does Not Bother Me.

HI to all. If someone does not like me it does not bother me. There will always be someone that does not like something on somebody regardless of information that they see, read or feel. The only time that I do care Is if it goes extreme, Be it Physical or Financial, Otherwise I just shrug It off and move on.
rustyjh rustyjh
56-60, M
6 Responses Dec 5, 2010

Thank you. I know when to hold them when to fold but I never run. But I do feel that they need a law such as N.T.W.D............No typing when drinking. Have a wonderful weekend kid, enjoy and be safe.

I like your attitude! As a good friend reminds me from time to time, "You don't have to take part in every fight you're invited to!"


Oh, I wasn't being an *** about it, trying to correct you and all, I was just curious. Hell, for I knew it could have been that you have problems with the "E" key, just like have problems with my "3" key on my keyboard.

Im bad. To much beer, Thank you for the correction, Im only human. And no i did not do it intentionally i just F#^% up.

So, why are you misspelling words like "does" and "goes"? I just wondering if it is on purpose to get some haters after you so you can prove your point.