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Hey,hello,welcome to anyone who happens to read this short post.I have just found this group and thought it apt to comment and state my stance with regard to this topic.
I have been a member of EP since early 2010,I am not a "collector of experience groups" so to speak,I only join those that are relevant to me.Experience Project is a terrific medium for many things,writing down real life experiences,confessions,questions and answers,the list goes on and on.The most meaningful thing to me is the friends I have made especially the handful whom I am very close to.Those very special people are the reason I remain so upbeat and enthusiastic,looking forward to logging in at the end of the day.
What a roller-coaster ride I have had since joining.I am proud to be a member of this awesome community,so diverse in differing characters,terrific! Specifically the multifarious richness in characters found here is typical to what we all encounter in our every day lives.Alas it is accepted that not everyone can see eye to eye which sometimes manifests itself  with falling's out on occasions.I am no exception to this,I have my detractors,those who have taken a dislike to me.A wise old saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me" is true however it does have it's limits.Hand on heart there is not a single member here who I wish to remain at odds with.
The blocking system that we have here on EP has it's uses however there is a downside to this also as rifts can never be healed whilst two members hold blocks in place against each other.In an effort to make peace I have several times unblocked everyone that was previously blocked by me,I will only re block someone if they continue to post nefarious comments about my character.Additionally I have used questions and answers asking individuals for peace in the hope that a line of communication can be re opened whereby differences can be put behind us and forgotten.This has worked on several occasions and indeed friendships have been forged with these very same people.
Returning to this experience group,I would like to finish by repeating,hand on heart I hold no malice towards anyone.I intend to unblock everyone who is currently blocked and hope there are no ramifications as a result of this.I do not want to be on bad terms with anyone,I have erred on occasion,similarly I have been the victim of some savage attacks.I am willing to forgive and forget.Are you?
Peace and goodwill to all.
garvan garvan
51-55, M
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Thank you for your input :-)

I don't really understand how anyone could take to heart too much of what is 'posted' on a little plastic contraption such as a computer. I would imagine that not many of the people on here actually meet each other in 'real' life and would hope that once you've logged out and turned your computer off you can rejoin the breathing human race and go about your daily lives without dwelling on comments posted on here. These people don't 'know' you and (surely) you wouldn't let their nasty comments impact your real lives . . . . I hope! No offence intended :-)

Thank you both,food for thought you have both raised very valid points and I appreciate that very much.

Thank you,very much appreciated .

I like the old, "I'm rubber you're glue. All you say bounces off me & sticks on you" OK, I have grown up to want better for every one. I have decided to fight back by being honest with myself and wish that poeple who so allow themselvs to cast stones. Think what attempting to be hurtful does to help your own needs. Cruelty comes back to bite Hard. I do not preach. Google the Law Of Cause& Effect. We all need help to heal. Tolerance is key. Desire to realize when one's ego is leading us to think say or do anything we have lost control of our Real self. Not one of us in Truth may control any one- but for ourselves. I have to practice practice & practice every moment to remember. I Am Captaian of my Own Ship. Those who haveaimed to harm or hurt me , at times, have. Now I prefer to care for others to let their own healing begin as I can only continue to do w/ my own. Should some still want to hate. In my mind, I flip that coin of of duality over& walk away with Love in my own heart. P.S. I loveGarvan True8

I advise you not to delete your account and to report to EP Support people who violate the Community Guidelines and resume blocking if needed. Also have perspective : people who have attacking others as one of their major pursuits here are losers who don't deserve to be taken seriously. It is true that I have concluded that some people on EP are vipers with whom I should avoid all interaction, and I have in mind at least one of the same persons as you..

classy7 spoke exactly my thoughts. you are a dear soul and i am privileged to have known you....from the very beginning. ♥

Garvan, keeping an open heart in the face of such hurt is a difficult thing. You have chosen the high road and I for one am proud to call you friend.

Being on the end of being disowned, or brushed aside by those who are ''better than I'', I know from where your heart is.<br />
The big thing is to not let little people like this bother you.........but you would cease to be human if you are able to do so.<br />
Those of small minds and limited intelligence that strike out at you do so due to jealousy, i.e., you have more friends, a bigger heart, better looking or just being YOU like they are incapable of doing.<br />
I can concur with your decision to leave this site, but by the same token that you would let little nefarious black hearted souless beings like P_ _ _ _ _ _ _ win, is unacceptable. It is a shame that those like her can be so petty and jealous, mean of spirit only intent to bring harm to others, is a lack of leadership on this site.<br />
Had I known this was happening to you, like with E_ _ _ , I would of come to your side, sword at hand to defend you; whether I believed in what you were standing for or not, is not in the equation, the fact that YOU DO, is all that matters.<br />
It saddens me to see that three others have read this, yet I am the first to comment, they fear retaliation and for their fear, I am sorry.<br />
Yes, I back Garvan and everyone else here you have attacked. I would ask that God have pity upon your soul, but I honestly doubt he deals with a soul already claimed by the devil. It does not matter if you don't believe in God, he believed in you, but he does believe in free will and he allows you to chose the Devil as your saviour, as you have done.<br />
But I do wish you peace.<br />
<br />
Garvan, stay strong my Friend, you shall prevail, if you chose to leave here, which i can understand, you will surely loose. Stay and let me know when you are attacked, Friends don't let Friends Stand Alone.<br />