Why Being In Love Isn't Good For Your Social Skills...

In general I really like people I don’t always like to show it(I have a reputation to keep up with) but still. However, this doesn’t mean that I like all the weird stuff people do at times. For instance if there is one thing in life I cannot stand, it’s people who are in love and have the urge to show it 24/7. The saying is true: “Love makes blind”. They don’t see their friends, family and so on, whenever they’re together. Or maybe they do see them but just ignore them because they are too busy with other things.

For instance a couple of weeks ago, I was at a party with my best friends who started dating each other recently. They haven’t really talked to anyone at the party because they were too busy with each other. My best friend said that they were having their moment. The problem is; they are always having their moment. Sometimes I think to myself that by talking they actually mean: we are sitting on  each other with our tongues somewhere at the back of each others’ throats. I don’t think this is a good way of communicating, especially when you are supposed to talk to someone else (you know being social and all). Nonetheless, there isn’t a way to explain this tactfully.. so everyone surrounding them is pretty much screwed.

Another thing which I find really annoying is the fact that these people have the tendency to constantly talk about the person they love. If you recognize yourself in this profile, please stop doing it right now! The fact that you are dating some great guy (or girl) doesn’t  mean I want to know all the details. Now, you  might wonder why? Well, it’s pretty obvious. I’m not dating this guy (or girl) and I might feel really uncomfortable hearing you say all this stuff (now I am talking about details like your sex life and so on, just to get it straight). The consequence might be that people don’t know how to react and just stay out of your way afterwards.

Now you might be wondering; is there a point to the whole story I have just written down? As a matter of fact there is! Stay in love, but pay some attention to the people surrounding you, since they are probably the people who will help you to get your life back on track when you get dumped. 
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Reflecting back and re-reading this story, I couldn't agree with you more. At this stage of the game, I really need to get out there and open up my doors to new experiences before settling down and rushing to get in "Love" because by then you're already going to have kids..responsiblities..and by the time you want to actually have "fun" you're going to be like 40+ haha.. Well this is my current state of my mind as of now, seeing I have really never had that "childhood" need to reconnect to my social skills and just have fun :D

Well, love isn't really a choice is it? If you meet someone go for it. It's more like do not forget your friends when your in love.

Makes sense, but sometimes I feel the need to love because I personally never had a relationship yet and want to learn the experiences you can gain from it. Yeah social skills will help you through your life having a good career maybe, but in the end majority would choose an emotional life rather than a successful one. And awesome first blog btw :)

Thank you :), I know what you mean about relationships but I guess that it just annoys me at times that people get so stuck in their own world. If you want to do that fine, but just lock yourself up in a room or something, so I don't have to see it. Oeh, this sounds kind of bad when I put it like this. Well, thanks for you comment :)

Excellent story with an excellent lesson, Liberty19 ! You go, girl!

Thanks :)