You Can't Please Everyone All Of The Time

I sure as hell do not intend to try. I have made some wonderful friends on here who are kind, and just well rounded adults. They have no need to behave like they are children and they don't do the things that a lot of "adults" do. We get along just fine and we seem to have things in common and it helps to have someone else to understand how you feel, and to know that what you are going through isn't as easy as others think it is because they haven't had to experience it. Chronic pain, depression, and anxiety are not just "conditions that people make up to get attention, again there are some people who have no idea of what living in ones own personal hell is like. I am very grateful for the friends I have on here, and I do hope to meet other people. I try to treat everyone the way that I would want to be treated and I try to honor my elders with respect because I was raised being taught to have respect for my elders. That being said, I am an adult now and I don't have to fear that I will be punished by my Granny, and I believe respect is earned, not given. I still do my best to be respectful to everyone, but just because I am mild mannered, don't foolishly believe that I will take crap from anyone.
I don't mind a nice and CONSIDERATE debate over a few different opinions, but there are people on here, as well as any where else, that think that everyone else should share their opinions and beliefs. That is not only childish, it's also a sign that that particular person has more people that don't like him/her than you could possibly imagine. These types are the reason that I will not debate religion, politics, and other issues on here. As long as I have the friends that I have now, I am happy with that, although I plan on accepting others as we cross paths. I don't need a huge number of people on my friends list, nor do I want that. I prefer quality over quantity any day. I am sure there are a few people on here who for one reason or another, don't like me. The thing is, I don't care and I couldn't care less. If someone doesn't like me, I don't lose any sleep over it, and the chances are pretty high that I don't like them either. This isn't something that I let bother me, it's a fact of life rather it's do to jealousy, or WHAT EVER THE REASON, YOU CAN'T MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY ALL OF THE TIME. I ONLY CARE THAT MY CLOSE FRIENDS ARE STILL HERE, OTHER THAN THAT, IF SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE THE WAY I THINK OR THE CONTENT THAT I POST, THAT'S THEIR PROBLEM, NOT MINE!!!

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Thank you, I appreciate that you took the time t read and comment with all the pain you are going through. You are a very special friend.... =)

Awesome, well written

Thank you. I did just find a mistake. I edited it, it was supposed to be content, not contact...sorry chronic pain makes it hard to concentrate at times. I appreciate your commenting and taking the time to read...