Apparently people are messaging me because they have problems with my satanism. If you don't like it then stay FAR away from me and just ignore it okay?!! :) Most likely i won't have to possess you then! Well i won't do that since i can't... but for those of you who are stereotypical towards what TRUE satanism is, kindly **** off.
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You said you were sadistic. You are like; or at least some things in your profile and what you say in your comments remind me of this one and only girl friend, I loved used to make me go to the wash room everyday and sit on the toilet and ma stur bate for her while she hum iliated me. She would sometimes make me do it in my pants while she stood over me and watched and winked at me. She would laugh and tell me how all her friends were going to find out and then she would leave me and come back late at night for some reason.Every night I have to hump my pillow like a loser, thinking about her..

What is Satanism. Summarize it for me,please.