What Is It To Me If You Don't Like Me.

I cared for too long...but I stopped caring years ago.When I realized I can't please everyone,I have learnt to take on the attitude take it or leave it.I am happy with the way I am your approval is not needed,like this one quote I read it says I would rather be real and hated by many than to be fake and adored.If someone blocks me I don't give a rat's *** I have all the friends I could ever need on this site :) so it doesn't bother me at all.I may not have a ton of friends offline but I am comfortable with being myself I love me!!!
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50 Responses Dec 22, 2011

Very true, nice post. Stay true to you.

then your very lucky. I wish i can have your attitude : )

I not interested in seeing your cleavage
Yea know what ya mean been many years for me thinks like this I miss too and crazy with lonliness I like intimate hot times to also, It's fun and the highest of pleasures I like hot times and you far away in America so what's the point of looking at yr ****

You have to be comfortable with yourself before you can start to be happy with life. And I think you have more friends that you think. Please consider me one too. A big hug for you sweet lady.....

I need to put you over my knee, and spank your butt.


always need to love your self first be4 any one else and please add me as friend

it is very good to be happy with self.

Good for you girl!!!! What you said is all that really counts in the end!!!

you like the idea of being gagged and ****** chica?

I like your syle. You only have to make yourself happy. The hell with other people negitave attitutes.

That right don't sugar coat nothing.

I rather be TRUE to myself then to live a LIE t o please others- That is all we can be is ourselves crazychica! Keep on being you! And I am here if you ever need to talk. 55cabgirl is my name!

Definitely be yourself baby...REAL is the ONLY way to live, to hell with anyone who does not like it. I am the same way and I know from experience ALOT of people don't like or cant handle my realness....screw em!

I will not like You if you don't care your own feelings because in that means you were not able to care of my feelings as a friend or a human.

it's correct because same feelings i have in my mind for others. And i agree with your Reply..............

Great story and I'm happy for you. But that's the difference- you love yourself, I don't love me...

Hello how are you would you like to chat some.

I never been the type to care what people thought about me either lol never liked the "popular" dude in school never was into fashion ( sort of/ not really ) they say I'm too cute to b weird lol but is rather be real with the world and my myself than pretend to be something I'm not

Why are you so angry... I know this post is old, but I have examined some other post of yours and they have the same energy. My thought is you care enough, to state how much you don't care. We are human beings designed/created to need a certain level of approval of others.... Again if you don't care, why bother getting on a public forum and expressing your thoughts, knowing full well some one is gong to challenge you when they smell BS, or sense you are saying whatever it is your saying to hide pain in your life.

i ove the attitude sister and it is true,some will be happy but not everyone would appreciate your effort!

your words r encouraging...u can help me.....

i dont have more friends..will u be?

can we be friends dear.......?

i don't know how are you gonna take this but I am feeling love for you. :)

i like the way you think, especially in regard to the people on this site. if i'm blocked it's all good since i don't have any use for a majority of the people here anyway.

I feel the same way... well not about another account because I only have one, but I don't get all alarmed if someone blocks me. I have plenty to interact with... including you and we all know I like you. :)

love your atitude

Personally i don't try to make everyone like me either but that being said it does matter to me to try to be the best type of person possible,if people don't like me i know its their problem because i know i treat others with respect and kindness

It took me 15 years longer than you to find this attitude... I see now that people can live quite happily without my input and interaction.

Good for you. A lesson well learned early on. You go, girlfriend.

That's fine with me . I feel the same . Let's talk a little We may not like each other but you never know---Noelle

would really love to be your friend we think alike please add me

Well said.

Well said. I would like to be your Friend. I'm BenChell on this website. Have a nice day.

I want to care but nobody cares about or talks to me so I think I will try it. Not like I got anything to loose right. I like honest people like you.


i like you:-)

yay! glad you're happy

really a good attitude.

ME TOO <br />
I stoped caring

you really ROCK !<br />
<br />
with very best wishes

Way to go I feel the same way sometimes:)

How could anybody not like you? It makes no sense?!?

Count me among your fans.... =o)


wow! u r awesome hun!

Amen and all of its equivalents.

lol tell them how it is.. and if they don't like it they know what to do!

Thank you... so very much. I'm trying, but I get so nervous wondering what everyone will think if I mess up, or can't do something...

m the am the same way lol deal with it or theres the door im being me

You go girl!!! Great attitude... I highly approve.

Just be yourself no matter what anyone thinks.

Thats the way girl. I like ur attitude because I also dont care what people think or say about me. I know people talk, and they always will. So we gotta just ignore them and be real to ourselves by living our lives in ways that make us comfortable. Hehehe. Feel me!

Amen girl!