My Silly Friend (bless Her) =)

I remember when my friend came out to me. We were watching a movie at my house and she had this look on her face. I knew that look. I turned off the t.v and asked her to tell me what happened. She said, "I have to tell you something" and gave me this mournful look that made my stomach do little somersaults. Then she started crying. Not just tears running down her cheeks, but a steady stream and her body racking with sobs. My first thought was that someone had did something terrible to her. I knew her father had when she was young... I went into fight mode. I jumped up and started searching through my closet for my bat all the while demanding her to tell me who did it and where he lived. She grabbed my arm and steered me back to the bed. I was so agitated I could hardly sit still. She wiped her face and started stammering over something about how much she didnt want to lose me as a friend and that if I really loved her that it wouldn't matter anyway. I was like sweety what the hell are you saying?!

She was quiet for a long moment and then she turned away from me. I tried to be patient but I just couldn't stand it any longer so I grabbed her face so she couldnt look away and said "just tell me!" She started crying again so I let her face go and hugged her. Then she said "Ny Ny(my nickname) Im gay. I said what?? and she said it again. PAUSE. Then I laughed out of relief but she must have thought I was laughing at her b/c she jumped up and started to walk away. I had to yank her back down on the bed and explain that I was just relieved that no one had hurt her b/c I was about to seriously go postal. She laughed for a second but then that look was back. She asked me if I still wanted to be her friend and that she wouldn't come around my house anymore if it made things awkward. Again I had to laugh at the ludicrous working of her mind. I told her straight out that nothing was going to change between us. I don't care if anyone is gay, bi, or straight. Your sexual orientation isn't what will make me decide if I care for you or not.

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4 Responses May 4, 2010

It's really a good thing your friend came out to you, just emagine how she must have are a good friend,and good friends don't come everyday.

I like this are really a good friend...

The thing to know is how difficult that was for your friend. Hats off to you for your caring and accepting attitude, but next time someone comes out to you, at least do them the courtesy, in light of all they have silently suffered through for all the years of hiding, that you understand how hard this is for them and how much you admire their courage for being able to tell you, and that you're honored by their trust, ok? lol

Keep being awesome!! :) Seriously, I really like this story, and you sound like a very good friend to her