And Have No Idea What Other People's Problem Is

It's kinda stupid I have to post this in the first place, I might as well say ''I dont care whether your black or white'' as well, but I think I want to show that even though Im mostly hetrosexual I am more than happy to have people of other orientations in my circle, im not gonna try and do an evasive bandwagon either (when people say; I dont mind them BUT AS LONG AS ITS IN PRIVATE!) because really saying that just shows you are a homophobic but trying to fit in
and it annoys because being gay or bi or other doesnt harm anyone at all, so why do people hate on them?? my guess is the old classic that it's an easy target just as being from african or asian origin was years ago, maybe time will heal things up and a few decades away sexual discrimination wont be an issue, but then transexuals are still looked down upon today, and if wives catch their men in womens clothes they go skizo... being feminine or masculine shouldnt be limited by what genitals your chromosones decided to give you...

another one that annoys me is how people say they shouldn't do it around kids... why? because your bricking it that your child might come out in years to come as gay/bi/trans so you want to shield them from it and save your pathetic pride? let them get off, if anything it teaches children that people are made up of a variety and that its fine to be openly gay...
I have gay(boys and girls) and bi friends, and ive known other guys to enjoy having make-up on them and dressed up by other girls, hell even I gave it a go for haloween... I find myself bi-curious, I think i know this word right this time round, as if i was bi i would be up for a relationship with a dude, but im not, but I'd still go into play...

being on EP i have discovered some new things to me, asexuality, sapiosexuality, pansexuality, and one whos attracted to non living things but i cant remember its name, I find these fascinating rather than repulsive, not because I want to explore them but its this common belief that as evolutionary psychology goes we only live to have sex and make babies, but the above proves that to be sh!t, or at least doesnt apply to everyone... this is good because it shows that there is something more to people than just some power hungry eating and f-cking machines that its easy to see them as...

On a tangent I dont see whats up with societys itch about lesser understood sexual turn on's in general, I risk facing judgement for having a fetish and being a masochist, of course there are a sh!t load of perv's on EP that are constantly shoving out dirty-kinky-story after dirty-kinky-story, but why should we be generalised because of them? there's a guy at work who's gay HOWEVER he's a total creep (seriously, if he did the same to women he would be fired) but I would never go around hating all gay's because of his actions...

and I think that, people dont really stick up for others exploring other orientations because their outcome doesn't effect them, so i feel like being open about breaking the mould and i may only be bi-curious but im willing to stick up for gay and bi people, and if people are sick of them being in you face on soap opera's well soap opera's are crap anyway so I dont really care, deal with a bit of girl on girl and man on man you p.u.s.s.y
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Thror09; you mean would I know you outside of EP and in person? erm I live in the south east UK, what about you?<br />
thats actually a mega valid thing you said there about sexuality in general, it seems today people have still got the wrong idea; they have gone from opression to over-liberating it now people just seem to shag around like animals, where it shouldnt be either extremes and just be embraced with respect and affection rather than a competition and terrible terrible pop songs lol....<br />
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take pride in being different but avoid feeling isolated dude, for you are not alone in your situation, EP is good for realising this, alot of people think that say if you have a penis then you are therefore straight, are macho and should be very reserved with your emotions... but really body parts and the human mind are TOTALLY different things<br />
its god for you, but gaia gave me the gift of being sentient so therefore I use those tools to explore individualism, dont be confused about yourself, just try stuff out

hahahaha so bitchy.. i like it. hahaha. yes 2Weird4Most, if only the world would be open minded about this. I am a conflicted if you would really know me, I am a Christian and i know more or less what the Bible say.. but i have my own gut feelings about sexuality. It shouldn't be repressed nor supressed, i think it should be cultivated and respected and understood. People try to make it taboo. they haven't even tried to understand it really, that's the ugly truth. We have become what we have made ourselves into, hereditary or otherwise, hetero, bi-curious, bisex, homosex, our individuality especially our sexuality is a product of our own powerful evolution, and we should not be let down because of that.We are what we are. I want to add to your sentiment about our heterogeneousness If you try to see we even have our own "intracultural differences" there are different kinds of Un-heterosexuals. There are the silent and flambouyant ones, the feminine and the masculine types. This just shows in my opinion that a higher being created us in so many variations and that makes it us beautiful. We are not a bunch of robots only destined to have sex and make babies. We have feelings. So kudos to you 2Weird4Most. I enjoyed reading this one!

seriously, cant you just READ the story thoroughly? there are so much if you people on EP who ramble on at me about something that isnt even in the f-cking post<br />
<br />
LOOK> ''I am more than happy to have people of other orientations in my circle'' <br />
''it annoys because being gay or bi or other doesnt harm anyone at all, so why do people hate on them?? '' <br />
''I have gay(boys and girls) and bi friends''<br />
whats so 'horrible' about that?! sorry but I cant see how you've missread this, you must have some sight or learning difficulty, and why is it 'storys' in plural? i only have one story on this subject lol<br />
<br />
usually i would delete retarded comments like yours, but this is pretty priceless

Hi i'm laura and i am an 18 year old lesbian and i think your storys are horrible to us lesbians,gays and straight people come on if u don't have anything nice to say dont say anything at all