Too Much

I think we spend too much time judging others about sexual orientaion. I think it is sad that so many people are hated because of sexual orientation. The world has other issues that can be addressed.
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3 Responses Jul 23, 2010

In my job, which includes interviewing many showbiz personalities and politicians, I have met many, many gays, lesbians etc.<br />
Some have come out - most haven't (especially sportsmen).<br />
Perhaps if the public was more tolerant on the "positives" of gays, and let them get on with their private lives, the world would be a happier place.<br />
I am married and "straight". But I have gay friends(male and female) and have even shared a bed with a lesbian, when we got stuck trying to find separate rooms at a hotel, when we were working away on a newspaper job.<br />
If anything, it made things easier.<br />
She even asked me to bring her a cup of tea in the bath, before we went out for a meal.<br />
I promise you,she wasabsolutely gorgeous (naked or clothed).<br />
We even discussed her sexuality over dinner, as we trusted each other ,and went back to the hotel.<br />
Went to bed and even gave each other a cuddle..before falling asleep. No sex involved.<br />
I would do the same again, if the situation arose.<br />
Good luck,<br />

I feel bad for people living in secret because of fear of living their life. I would not want to live that way.

it's nice to know so many hundreds of others feel the same way.