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I'm going to take a moment to spill here if that's ok.
I was the best friend of a guy in high school who was secretly gay. No one knew except for me and people assumed we were dating but they were oh so wrong! Because of that friendship, I learned alot about how close minded the world REALLY was about acceptance. I learned how ignorant people can be at a very fast rate. I was glad that he trusted me and that I could be his escape.
Since then, I took on a 'live and let live' approach and I thought that was ok. It IS ok, better than most, but not all effective.
When the passing of gay marriage per state really started hitting the media, I started hearing the same boring routine from the intolerant people (I don't think I even need to name the main body of that intolerance).. only this time I decided to speak up. It was then that I saw how futile my 'live and let live' approach had been all of this time.
The more I stepped in, the more I saw the ugly monster.. and it was way more hideous than I thought. how have we allowed this wave of intolerance to sweep over this country in the name of religion? Intolerant demands for tolerance and favoritism yet dishing out oppression, forced suppression, and we bite our tongues.
The LGBT community needs support. I not only have no problem with other peoples sexual orientation, but I now fully support them 100%. Love is love!
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Thanks Annamarie. The things I've heard religious people say are absolutely horrible. Things like, "feed them to sharks", "**** on their grave", and the worst I've heard is, "the bible says they should be killed and I'll be the first to throw stones at their rotting flesh"... And this coming from Americans!! Well religious Americans. It intimidates me none and only angers me more. Even though they get mad and try to tell me I'm not straight, I could careless what they say. I won't stop.