Here It Goes

okay this is something i do feel strongly about...i was raised in a place where being gay was definitely not accepted. i grew up in a very "tough guy" all italian neighborhood in brooklyn new york. and to all who know me i probably somewhat fit that bill. terms like ***, homo, queer and dyke, were commonly hurled. i admit i also still commonly use these terms but thats just me. however, who cares what your sexual preferances are? i dont. as a matter of fact some of the best people i know are gay. they are the most fun genuine people ive ever met. probably because of all the ridicule society puts them through. i know i said use these slang terms, but not out of disgust or negativity, thats just me. i tell my gay friends that there such queers all the is i love them...what especially infuriates me is all the "god fearing" people in the world...i was raised roman catholic actually went to school with all nuns...hello people only god can judge number one number two some of the gay people i know are probably gonna be on line before me waiting to get in heaven...stop being so freakin im i white male whos as straight as they come...but ill love you for you weather your gay straight bi black white or yellow. guess what if i dont like you its probably cause your a ****!, and that alone. sorry about the rant but sometimes things just need to be said
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That is a sweet story.