They Don't Need Fixing

     My aunt is gay and she is the best person in the world. She has a wonderful partner that I've always thought of family. They recently had twin boys together and they are the CUTEST little babies IN THE WORLD! What's with this "*gasp* she's a lesbo, I totally hope she doesn't hit on me!!!" Guys, settle the **** down. Just because she's not straight doesn't mean she's gonna jump in bed with any girl she can get her hands on! She's the greatest person I know, and so is her gf! They've been together for years, and she's not like "Man, girls you know? That's where it's at..." She more like, "Well yup. Want a beer?"
     She is great and I support her and her family! SO **** OFF.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

Wow, your aunt saounds like a fun person. I myself am bi, and dating a girl at my school. I hate it when people genralize others, and try and group them. Simple fact, gays, transwomen/men, bisexuals, etc. are not bad people. I find your aunt's to be an inspiring story, and I hope I may settle down with my dragi (we've been together for a while now), and start a family.

I'm happy it helps. My aunt is really special to me, and I'm happy I can share my admiration for her! :)