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It is funny that over the past 40 odd years of my life, many people have found that they did care if I was gay or bi and have certainly let me know about it. For though I am wondering the question of another currently, I do not give a **** if they are nor not I just prefer the honesty of somebody who has been my friend for over 6 years.

I know that recently I was at a staff function and a discussion actually touched on this subject and one of the men in the group made a comment about it does not bother him if people are gay or not they are still people. We had been discussing the fact that locally gays were planning a festival. Well one of the group came straight out and said you know he is gay (referring to me). He was gobsmacked by this as we had worked together for a long time and obviously he had no idea ( I do not hide it) and since then has avoided me and sadly stated that is not normal. Saying one thing to a group and then behaving the opposite was a surprise to me. Just goes to show that sometimes people say this to fit but in truth still have the opposite opinion.
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to be honest I was very homophobic when I was younger I now realize that this was to cover up my latent love of men which was very taboo at the time , now I have as many gay/bi as I have hetro ones

Honestly, I find that worse than outright intolerance most of the time. Living through secondary school and all the teen girl drama that ensued has left no doubt in my mind that some people will say anything to fit in with others - even if that's not their own opinion. It's really sad.<br />
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To me, it sounds like he had a "mould" in his mind in which all gay men fit into so he could identify them and you came along and blew that to smithereens. I hope he sees how closed minded he's being and realises that you're still the exact same guy you were before the party.