Coming Out

I've been sure about my bisexuality for awhile now, 5 or 6 years, but I've only told a few of my closest friends, no family or any one else, really. And I'm kind of wanting to, but have no clue how. It's not my total identity; I'm still an artist and a student and a daughter, but it is apart of me that I want people to know about. Any pointers? It scares the hell out of me, frankly.
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1 Response May 15, 2012

People and families are all different. But choose just one person in your family whom you think will understand and except it. Find a time to explain to them. If they accept you and that you are Bi, then tell another with the same qualifications I mentioned. Continue the process, maybe having the one's whom you have told as allies.<br />
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I am gay, and my grandson needed to tell somebody, he started with me, well we both found out about one another. I was with him when he told his parents, they knew about me already. But it will help you have support in telling those you care about and for.<br />
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Good Luck, and don't give up.!