I Love Bi-sexuality

I think I am bi-sexual, and love it. I felt ashamed at first, then as I came into my own, I found it very liberating. I never even thought of crossing, those borders, for I am mainly attracted to men. But, I met a woman, who I automatically was so attracted to, I could not take my eyes off her. She gave me the laser eyes treatment, as well. Who the **** cares, if you are gay, bi, hetero, it/'s who you are, that really matters. When it gets interesting, is when you find out, about yourself, in a new and wonderful way. Enjoy it, whatever way you are, just enjoy being you. And if you do feel like exploring, some  new area you, know you want to try. For god sake do it, and feel sexy as hell doing it, after all you only get one life to live.
pearlyq2 pearlyq2
46-50, F
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