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-I used to be a certified homophobe just a few years back, which is no surprise since I live in a homophobic country. But I broadened my views since then, and the truth is, all the things the homophobic people/groups/communities say simply stops holding water the moment you get pass the blind rejection. So what if I'm straight, and he's gay or she's lesbian or if they prefer both genders? It doesn't matter. Live the life you want to live, and don't let anyone or anything stand in your way. (Of course if you live in countries where there are religious laws (like in the middle east), do try not to get yourselves killed. Martyrdom is overrated. Move to more liberal countries. No insult intended.)
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1 Response May 19, 2012

My boyfriend started out a homophobe and now he's bisexual. He just needed to get away from his homophobic parents.

The whole country is homophobic. If I went out into the street and said I support the rights of the LBGT community, I would almost instantly be shunned by (most) people. The truth is that the winning factor that made me turn away from homophobia for good was the conscious decision to support the rights of all men and women, regardless of religion, nationality, and sexual orientation.

I wouldn't want to live where you live. I love people's differences.
"What makes us different, makes us beautiful."