I Do Care When

I do care when people are only gay because they want to sleep with the same sex only because they have certain sexual parts - fleshy organs they like...

Or when women are lesbians only because they like breasts and vaginas to touch; look at and to make love to.

I do care when men are only gay because they only find a Penis; arsehole and a flat chest attractive.

I do care when you are like bi-sexual only because you want to sleep with someone because you think their FLESH - that what makes them a man or a woman is the only thing that is attractive to you...

Short and sweet:

I do mind when you only want someone because they have flesh that make them look in a certain way.

I do mind when you only sleep with someone just for the boobs; **** and arse!!!!!

To me people who are like gay just because they like ******* or dicks do not love people for their SOULS or hearts; discriminating against the one sex just for the sake of the LUST for one organ.

True Love has nothing to do with the flesh; your respective organs or gonads making you female or giving you member in your pants.

True Love does not care whether you have a *****; arse or ****... It only cares for the HEART and soul beneath the flesh that makes the body look attractive.

I find it sad that so many homo-sexuals say NO to dicks only to fall for and love only things with *******; and vice versa - find it sad that so many gay men say no to ******* and SOULS with ******* because they only prefer ****.

I find it sad that gays cannot look past some people's sexual organs to Souls beneath... Hearts just waiting for you to love them!!!!

I always thought that being gay or Bi is like stepping out of the closet to say YES TO LOVE, unconditional Love...

But I have seen too many gays/bi forgetting about loving the HEARTS of people instead of their fleshy organs that is bound to ROT and be eaten by worms... Yummy.

Please remember LOVE IS ETERNAL and the flesh is NOT...

Did you know you can live as man today, a gay man with a PENIS and tomorrow be incarnated as a woman with a vagina probably a lesbo into *******...

So will you say if you are a GAY MAN NOW; NO TO WOMEN when you reincarnate as a woman?

Probably you would hate your own body and be forced to be straight, no?

Same with a gay woman today; today you say no to **** and men what about after dying coming back as a man? Would you be forced to be straight then loving only women when a man with a huge **** between your legs?

I wonder then if the gay man says no to loving women today...yes if he comes back as a woman; would he still hate ***** or be forced to be straight loving only men as a woman or probably go lesbo?

Seriously forget about the flesh... Those who call themselves gay or whatever only because they like a certain body part are truly mundane?

What about the Love - true Love does NOT MIND what you have in between your legs; it just happens and if you only care what is in between someone's legs then you are only INTO LUST and do not really care for the heart of the one you say you Love!

The same with white women saying they only Love black men... As a fetish and only saying they only wish to make babies with black men and only marry them for their skin - the physical thing covering the soul.

Shallow and Sad!!!!!!!
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I might as well comment on this. You have a point, sure. <br />
The thing is, as I see it, you 've come to the other extreme. You completely reject physical love. Well, it's a way to express your "heart love" and actually it feels good, as it produces serotonin in your mind! <br />
I get the point, but whether you' re gay or straight, you have a character. You are romantic or cynic or silly-happy or sex-thinking-all-the-time-person or something. So, I think what you say is you don't like those people, sex-thinking-all-the-time-persons. Unfortunately, they exist and they a have a right to exist.<br />
Anyway, take care.

I wonder if people like that have a right to exist when all they do is break hearts; and abuse people based on their physical attraction only... There are people who want real connections with people and not just some fleeting one night stand type of thing that leaves you sick and feeling filthy etc. But there are people who only seek to f/u/c/k people with no strings attached; heartless people NOT giving a fark just going with the feeling of that temporary LUSTY THRILL. If anything people should desire to become better people in that regard... But if you like the ways of destruction the GREED of lust creates wherever it goes; well everything has a purpose WE CAN ALWAYS learn from those who FEAR ATTACHMENT and anything meaningful!!!!!!

Look, nobody forces you to be around people who only want to f..ck, as you say. If they fear any emotional attachment, that's their problem, not yours. They don't want to be "saved"-changed, obviously, so let them practice their type of love and you can practice yours.

I think you have a point...but the problem is you are not making it ......you lost me in the first two sentences truly...but i kept reading trying to figure out what you are trying to say...unfrotunately I am still confused... Men and Women are free to love anyone they choose...AND to love anyone they choose for whatever reason they choose....this may be your view on the matter...but not everyones...this is more of a preferencial issue....not how everyone sees it...and truly not how it works....a person is attracted to other people for reasons...each individual is different...and still you make it seem as if being homosexual is a choice....when it is clearly not a choice...and to think that this 'choice' is made ba<x>sed on what sexual parts someone has is ridiculous...absurd really...

Well some have a CHOICE to f/u/c/k whoever they will just based on LUST and physical attractiveness... TRUE LOVE on the other hand whether it is a woman or man you fall in love with IS NOT A CHOICE; it just happens. People have a choice to sleep with whatever sexx they want to; but people do not always have the choice or a choice in who they fall in love with regardless of sex being a woman or a man!

Now I am really confused. You have categories for gay people...sinners / not sinners?<br />
How can you tell if two "lesbos" are experiencing your eternal soul love or loving the loins?<br />
<br />
And what about Billie Joe and Bobbie Sue? They were two young lovers, with nothing better to do. They would sit around the house, get high and watch the tube. I know they were in lust, are they sinners too?

As long as they LOVE and not only lust then they are heavenly saints hahaha... All I am saying people should value LOVE more than LUST/flesh.

They should not only love each other for their bodies but for their hearts as most important part of the relationship!

I find this post pretty disturbing.<br />
Grimkatze, it sounds like you are implying that only traditional, heterosexual relationships can be genuine.

No you do not understand... What I mean is when two women really love each other it should not just be because they have a vagina or boobs... And when two men love each other it shouldn't be just because they have dicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is then that it is like soddom and gamorrah only LUSTING after the flesh with no regard for REAL LOVE - for soul and heart!!!!!! That is when homosexuality is a sin - when people just like other people for their FLESH and not for their hearts/personality.

You Madamme, are a true Genius ,... It is a relief that there are still people out there who value people for who they are,.. and not for their flesh doomed to Rot !!!