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No Problem

I have a few friends that are gay and bi I even have dated a girl that was bi and almost dated another. To me there's nothing wrong with it. Does it affect me in anyway with who people like? No. I'm not going to treat a male friend or complete stranger for that matter any different if he's gay, straight, bi whatever, same for females too. What people do with their lives is there business. You're not going to change who or what they like just because you may want to. So to me, there's no reason to even make a big deal out of people being gay or bi, they're people just like everybody else, no reason to treat them any differently just because you may not agree with it.
Kneth55 Kneth55 22-25, M 2 Responses Jun 5, 2012

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Very good point I think I mentioned most of what you wrote in yours,I wish there was was more people like you.

I wish more people were understanding too. I think our generation is more like that though. It's just the older generation that really has the most problem with it.

Homophobes need to pull their head out of their ***,they also need to wake up and smell the damn coffee and realize it is the 21st century. Love has no gender and you don't choose to be gay/lesbian or bi.

yes. i extremely agree :) hope that people would also be like you :)

I wish they would too, but i feel people actually are. Especially our generation. I think it's just the older generations that are firmly against homosexuals.

even our generation, some people still discriminates US!

they do but compared to older generations I think we're more tolerant, or at least the people around me are.

ii hope so.

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