It's Stupid

I am a lesbian,and I couldn't care less what your sexuality is, I just think it's stupid. I'm going to be a freshman this year,and I remember how my friends,guys,thought it was cool that I was open and stuff,but then their always on eachother and calling them gay. What the hell? It doesn't matter,and even though they're straight,if there's someone secretly gay in the group,if they found out,noone would talk to him anymore. I saw it happen in 7th grade,and the boy got really depressed and he transferred schools.I'm tired of homophobes,I really am.... Sorry,I had to get that off my chest.
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2012

I respect Lesbiens .. :) Im lesbien Too :p

I 100% support gays and lesbians. If I had a daughter and he was a lesbian then so be I. I would support her. Not Jude or abuse her for her sexuality. It can't be helped. Sometimes ur just attracted who ur attracted to.

I agree completely,I could've probably said something simple and to the point lol, oh well. I'm soo wicha on the supporting

Me too. And I completely support transgendered.

Yes,that too. Definitely :)