I Wrote An Awesome Paper Supporting Gay And Lesbian Adoption Rights!

In the present USA there is talk and laws against homosexual adoption. Straight people can adopt children, but gays and lesbians can’t. This has been a problem in the USA for quite a while. Some may debate that children are put at risk because of having gay or lesbian parents, although some argue otherwise. This group of people want to give kids a place to live that will provide both love and shelter, by not letting homosexuals adopt there is another child out there that now has to wait longer just to be in a home. In my opinion gays’ and lesbians’ should be able to adopt a child of their own because they are willing to give a kid that needs a home, a loving caring family.

This problem has been going on for years. The adoption centers and states have put this topic off to the side. This problem occurs throughout America. People believe that there is a disturbance of children with homosexual parents. There is no data stating that children are at risk with homosexual parents, however there is still belief that a child needs to grow up with a mother and father. This issue is a problem because the people need to come to an understanding. These people are willing to care for a child and every time an offer comes up they are blown away.

This topic is serious and important because 10% of our population is not being treated right, and after all the worlds battle of mistreating it is still going on. This is still going on because all the gays and lesbians in the world are being treated like they are totally different creatures. This will hurt America and it shows that America still hasn’t changed for the better. Also gays and lesbians work hard everyday to fight for their rights as humans and what do people do, ignore them. This is horrid because even they are regular people same looking people, and they care. All in all these people care about everyone in the world and want to help, by pushing their help away, this will not end up good.

People have examined over 10,000 obituaries of homosexuals. Interestingly enough they have found that heterosexuals live to about 70; the death range for lesbians was between the age of 40 and 50, and they gay death range was in the 40s range. So, kids with homosexual parents are more apt to losing a parent early than say a kid with heterosexual parents. Although only 10% of the population is homosexual. They will still have a family for as long as it takes for them to grow up and mature.

Whenever homosexuals do adopt they provide a wonderful family. The importance is only that they provide a kid friendly environment. This is a bad issue that needs to be resolved.

Others may look at this like it is a bad thing. For example: a nine year old girl’s mother was a lesbian, the little girl felt like she could not tell anyone about her mom because they would make fun of her. A girl who is now in her late 30’s said that she walked in on her mother and her mother’s girlfriend, and the girlfriend started yelling at her. This evidence could be important because it shows that the cruelty in the world affects a parent’s relationship with their child. This is a reason out of a million though; this could just be a misunderstanding.

People might disagree because sometimes a kid with homosexual parents turns out to be a homosexual. There have been stories and research proving that; but why does it matter? Isn’t it their life? This should not be followed because it would be as if we just switched it around saying, well blacks can’t be the same as white, but instead they are saying gays and lesbians are not the same as heterosexuals.

Gays and lesbians should not be treated any differently. When gays and lesbians do adopt a child they care for them and respect them the same as heterosexuals. In conclusion, this is a big problem that will take time to fix. This time could be spent finding evidence to support both sides, coming to an agreement.

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PS how much of the death statistics have been influenced by HIV/ Aids and the suicide rate given the still all too overt/covert stigma associated with being Gay or Lesbian and the discrimination which still exits? In Oz we had a huge reduction in aids related deaths after a great public relations campaign, but now it seems to be on the rise again! People if you ain't got your health then nothing else matters!!! AB

I don't know. I wrote this a long time ago.

The problem is that for some reason most people ( especially right wing) don't make the distinction between Gay/Lesbian and *********. Alarmingly most pedophiles are straight males who are either married or so called pillars of their communities. They serve in youth oriented groups as a means of supporting their social esteem, while preying usually on children of single/divorced mothers. I was a member of the Scout Association and a leader for many years, and proud of it. 2 people I worked with are now in jail for their crimes and I hope they rot in hell. I am a broad minded man and I believe that what ever CONSENTING ADULTS choose to do in their privacy is their own business. But the damage done to victims of child sex abuse is usually life long and can never be reversed. It's a strange reflection that as the movie says " you need a licence to own a dog, carry a gun or drive a car but any ******* can have a kid". I don't see any reason why a Gay or Lesbian couple wouldn't make better or worse than the average Parent. The old catch cry that Gays/Lesbians don't reproduce they recruit is bloody rubbish. Can you honestly tell me that as a straight male/female, if some who was gay/lesbian came up to you in a bar and said in effect want to give it a go? that you would say sure why not?? at best you may be flattered by the attention. At worst you would punch their teeth down their throat. Not unless you were already inclined or curious. Being a good Parent is the most important job in the world and there are not so many of them that we should be excluding people based on sexual preference, any more than religion or skin colour. Yes by all means set the bar high!! But any one who can clear it do it. It seems logical to me that those who can't have children for whatever reason would want them more and care for them more then those who breed like rabbits! How ever I love nothing more than rigorous debate so bring it on!!! Cheers AB

I have nothing to debate I support it fully!

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I have learned a very good lesson from your paper. That is that if we older people were ever questioning the youth of today taking over your paper has proved to me just how stupid that is. This paper proves that you can take over right now.

thank you(:

Omg i did a paper on this too in his class!! :D

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yeahh... i really believe that what i wrote about it a big issue and yeah different races are being treated better now but gays and lesbians are not and i think its ridiculous..

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did you like it or something hahaha? im not lesbian or bi but i strongly believe that they should be treated the same!(:

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