You Bleed Just Like Me...

...and so you need love just like I do. I don't care what your sexual preference is because love is not only limited to heterosexual relationships. I have two younger sisters and both of them are lesbians. I love them with all my heart and I can appreciate the female form with them, or hell even by myself. The only difference is I do not connect on a deeper level with those females like they do. I can't find that mental or sexual connection. They will always be a friend or sister, nothing more. But I will never judge you for where you find your connection. Whether from man to man, woman to woman, or both. Be happy with who you are. You have the same rights as every other person in this world.

strangersnthenite strangersnthenite
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1 Response Aug 20, 2012

now ain't that the truth. i only wish more and more people could understand this.