Ignorance In Sick People

I was just hearing some comments about me from some ignorant people near me,questioning my sexual orientation and the worst think is that they are sick sexual persons and they are abusing young people images.how they dare to question my sexuality! i wanna be what ever i wanna be and i will only have sex with an adult not with a child,i can be a foggot as they say but i bet i am much more a man than them because a real man does not hide,neither abuse their own child,and they are trying me to change to be a "man" like them! actually forcing me trough very violent verbal words but no thank you i rather be a homosexual than a sick bastard,and this is happening in South Los Angeles 90011 in a neighborhood almost of Mexican people...of course this is happening in almost every were but nobody wants to say anything because they belong to a satanic group,wich abuse other people verbally and sexually...if you know anything happening like this dont be afraid and contact FBI or CIA to prevent this kind of abuses...i am just writing this so anybody in similar situation do not feel you are alone contact the federal agencies.
this can not get on and on...sick people should be stop.
dontpanic777 dontpanic777
31-35, M
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

yeah!!!! be yourself! nobody but you can can be you! I like your attitude! Nobody should be questioned about their sexuality!