What Did I Do?!

I told my dad that I was gay. He said he loved me but also said that I wasn't gay. He blamed it on hormones! I like girls, or like the idea of them since I haven't really dated one. There is an attraction towards guys but I am a fan of femme guys and butch girls. I gave up on guys due to some experiences that I've had with them...So I just say gay and leave it at that.

My parents didn't want me to tell people in fear that I may change my mind. (They say I do that a lot) But I already told the whole school. I'm afraid I dug a whole to deep. I want to be known as gay. I was so happy and laid back when I told everyone. What will happen?

What did I do!?

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3 Responses Sep 8, 2012

Your sexuality is what you consider right for you and as most people are actually tuned to be Bi then it's not suprizing your thinking along these lines but as your still young things can change,as for your dad saying you weren't gay was that he wants his little girl to grow up,marry and give him a grand-child,but that can be achieved in this day and age so enjoy your life but keep safe!

I personally think you did the right thing. It's your life, you can make whatever choices and decisions you want. If you really like chicks, then go for it! No harm is done, you've done anything to anybody, so all is well. c:

Even if you do find that these feelings are not permanent you have done no real harm in coming out (if you are in the states that is - not all countries are as accepting) as Gay. We often evolve our feelings and certainly our sexuality as we mature and what we were sure of in High School we become less so as we grow. In High School I was straight (having had a gay uncle I was more aware of sexual orientation than my pals) and sure I would stay that way foreever. I did stay straight in action (still haven't acted on my bi-sexual desires because I haven't found the right guy) but over the last few years I have come to accept that I am bi-sexual and accept and love myself.