I Just Lost A Good Friend

At 3:13 Pm on 9/14/12, I received a phone call that a friend of mine died from an O.D. We had just talked a few days ago about what was bothering him: "His parents disowned him"...not because he was gay, but because he embarrassed them!!!! How frigging stupid is that? I'll wait out of respect, but I will tell them what I feel about this...I'll speak up for him. I just can't accept how parent will disown their child over such stupid BS. When my oldest son was 14 he asked me: "Dad..what would you do if I told you that I was gay?".I didn't say a word. He then asked me why I didn't answer. I said:"I am answering you." But you didn't say anything. Well there wasn't any reason to say anything because nothing has, or will change. Your my son & I'll always love you regardless of what comes, or goes. Well 20 years later when he visited us with his wife, and two boys...he asked to go out for a walk with him. This is what he had to say. "Dad, I'm raising them just like you raised me...thanks for being my Dad." It really didn't matter if he was gay, or not..what mattered was that he was my son and I loved him unconditionally. I can't say any names here but Mr. & Mrs.-----you'll live on to regret your decision of picking acceptance or the love of your son!!!! I often ask why God makes stupid, ignorant people..I guess it is so that all of us that try to be good, decent parents have something to remind us of how important it is to be LOVING PARENTS UNCONDITIONALLY. TommyTee
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2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

When I have a kid and if they ever decide to confide in me something like this...I think I will do the same. You're really inspirational, thank you for sharing this story!

Wow, an excellent, thoughtful and thought provoking posting. I could not agree more. I had a similar experience with my grandson. I said you are a good kid, respectful and will I am sure grow into a fine young man.