Being Open

I hate it when people ask me my sexual orientation. "Hey Arden, I saw you kissing a girl yesterday. Are you a lesbian?" "Didn't you date a guy last year? Are you straight?" "You must be bisexual then!" I honestly don't consider myself anything. I am strongly attracted to both men and women, but I don't consider myself bisexual. I consider myself open. If I fall in love with a man, I fall in love with a man. If I fall in love with a woman, I fall in love with a woman. I don't want to be held down by a label. I just want to be in love. <3
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My dear Arden-- Of course it seems at your young age that the foolishness and puerile curiosity of others about your love life is REALLY important (as it seems important to them to nail you down in this regard). But your impulse is correct. Resist their uninformed pressures and be with whomever connects with you in your heart (and elsewhere;-) because it has no bearing on anyone else's life.

Do be cognizant, though, that their all-consuming interest about YOU is a reflection of their own questioning and insecurities about THEIR OWN gender attractions. Humans tend to want to feel superior to other humans, seemingly from birth, and interrogating you in that way is an effort to make them feel superior by supposedly having already made their "choices". That's an illusion, of course, as evidenced by the number of folks here on EP alone, who "adjust" their sexual and gender preferences throughout their lives.

As you wisely indicate, you can be content with whomever is attractive to you. I hope you find a loving, wise, and confident heart to match your own! :-)

You be with who you want, don't let a label hold you , you are a free girl live how and who you want


That's a great way to put it! Too bad all people don't think like you. :/

Heck yea girl follow your big heart. People tend to get jealous when they see someone expressing themselves freely and they don't have the guts to be free like you. Your label is that your a free spirited woman. That's what you can tell them all.

you really produce something ,hope reading this some will stop giving judgmental views about others ...


that is good - i am lesbian but i don't want label at all! I am me, not representative of a community!

Amen to that!

thank you!

thts the spirit..(Y)

labels, labels, labels. i think we would be better off with out a few of them. i like the way you put it open. it makes sense. you fall in love with the person regardless of sex. very well put.


Be you and to hell with every body else

You're awesome remember that too

I can understand that. I think experience and learning about someone is the key to understanding another person. sounds like you're just searching is all.

That is very good statement I just want to be in love wish all people would think like that, the world would be a better place.

Well said

Sometimes you just look the person asking such an insensitive question right in the eye and say "Nunya!" and walk away!

hahaha. yes!!! ^_^

In the end, it really just about love.

Exactly. &lt;3