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I have a friend named Olivia, I've always thought she was one of the coolest girls. She's not like me in any way what's so ever, I wear a lot of jeans, sweats, yoga pants, hollister. She wears a lot of dresses, thrift stuff, pac sun, and flowery stuff. The other day I was told she is a lesbian.. Now.. A little bit on me.. I've experienced being with a girl, personally it's not really for me, but I accept EVERYONE so it's not like a big deal that she is gay. On that note.. that's my opinion. You can be gay, straight, black or white, if you're a good person, you deserved to be loved! Just a short story so I could share with you my insight on this topic!:D
P.S.. Honestly, gays are easier to talk to, and more fun to be around than straights!:D and that goes for girls and boys!:P
P.S.S.. We're all just people, and we all have feelings, that's what counts.. Right?!(:
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Wonderful article thank you for sharing. Shows maturity beyond your age. I wish all people felt as you do.

Well thank you!(: And yeah I wish that too, I've seen so many posts about how more states allow mating with an animal more than they allow same sex marriage, obviously that is RIDICULOUS. And I just figure since I'm not gay, I should put my input in. (For those who care) (:

You're most welcome.

You were 'told' she's a lesbian. I'd be really careful with that 'information.' Maybe she is and maybe she isn't. Rumors of sexual orientation are often meant to hurt. You are at an age where EVERYONE is exploring, wondering about, and being confused by sexual identity. Remember, you are ok with lesbianism, others might not be so tolerant.

No, the girl she was hooking up with told me.. Anddd then she confirmed it today, we talked about it, I guess she's open about it but doesn't go out of her way to tell people. And yeah I know, but I posted this story here because people that are in this group should be tolerant.

Good for you. That's a very mature attitude. & if you can't tell it here, you can't tell it anywhere. I wouldn't use any real names though, at least I don't.

Well nobody on this site knows me personally. And Olivia is a common name, I would never use last names. But thanks(: I try to keep a positive attitude and open mind about things!(: