Addicted To Sex.

That is a bit simple. I am truly addicted to oral sex. Specifically I am addicted to giving oral sex to men. It is consuming my ability to function as a lover for my GF. She knows that I am bi but she doesn't know that I am obsessed with it.

When we have sex I can only imagine that I am her and that I am the one who is pleasing her man. The idea of that hard and throbbing member ignites all of my carnal lust. The power of a mans organ is so obvious. Its intent is so real that I cannot look away.

It is a difficult road for me since I really don't want a relationship with a man. I just want to please his parts. I want to be the one who satisfies his arousal and receive his satisfaction. I know the idea is raw but I hunger for more every day.

Help...! Be my lover.

I want to drop the veil of denial and just come out. I want to be all the pleasure one man could ever need.
adamrising adamrising
41-45, M
1 Response Sep 18, 2012

you may call yourself bi; but you are nearer to gay. i told myself i was straight or years. i did not have the desire to pursue women or the balls to pursue a man. like you i wanted to pease a man in every way i could oraly please. i now say that i am gay; but still lack the confidence to actively prusue a man off line.