My Promise

My promise to anyone that may be gay, bi, trans-gender, or straight is that I pledge to raise my children with love and respect for all humans regardless of their sexual preference. I was raised in a baptist household where I was told how disgraceful it was to gay. I was repeatedly taught that if one "chooses" that life style they would be damned to Hell. What a crock of s**t!! How can any religion teach their followers to judge others. The worst part about this is up until two years ago I still believed it was somehow a sin. With personal growth I have realized what a sin it is to judge anyone, and who am I to say anyone would be damned to hell...But most importantly I want my children to love and be loved, whatever form that comes in I will except with open arms. I am a conservative, I am christian, but first I am a human just like everyone else. Again I promise to never spew words of judgment or hate. This stops with my generation!
Ashley30free Ashley30free
26-30, F
Sep 19, 2012