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I'm Gay

My name is Carl and I'm gay and only my friends knew about this.

well It's definitely hard but my BFFs are making it easy for me because I just feel happy when I'm with them and same as them.

Well I have this problem, and I want to share this to you guys.. :)

It came to my mind that "will I ever find a man that can make me happy". because it makes me loose my confidence when seeing a handsome man and it makes me insecure in a way that I pity myself and asking myself, will I ever have a man that looks like that? and still now I'm struggling with this problem that maybe I'll be living on my own. but I don't loose hope. I know someone is out there waiting for me as my friends told me that I'm still young but still I keep on looking everywhere but most of my time I wait and pray.
ArsenalOfKarl ArsenalOfKarl 18-21 3 Responses Sep 19, 2012

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Karl you have friends telling you: "Don't look too hard." Is that what
your heart tells you is right? I have a LTR b/f these past 7 years and
we met when he was 19. I have never had to cruise guys-they seem
to come up to me. Its not that I'm shy- I just want my guy to "size me
up", then decide for himself if he wants me. If my current b/f hadn't
come up and introduced himself, I may or may not have made the
first move. You may want a b/f closer your own age, but if you see
someone you like, go up to him and say Hi. That's one of so many
things I love about guys- they are so much easier than girls in just
about every way. Good luck, sweet boy. Love, "Tiger".


THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! I really wish I can hug you one by one. but thanks! Yes.. I'm taking my progress little by little. :) and it will succeed. :)

Don't look too hard...Actually don't look at all, sooner or later the right guy will come across. Sounds like your a little insecure.. Don't be at all, men hate that ****! You have to be confident, on what you wear, how your hair looks, and how you carry yourself, as long as you show confidence, without cockiness and a smile, Mr.Right will come running up to you!