Straight - But

I'm a happily married older guy who used to live in Brighton UK. Living there, the gay capital of the UK, I knew lots of gays - both women and men.

Although straight I have had feelings for certain other men and could easily have taken a stroll on the other side. I believe we are all capable of being Bi given the right individual and many would be if it was not for social pressures.

When I was between relationships and was having great trouble meeting women after my divorce my greatest confidants were gay women who I could chat to about sexual problems without seeming to hit on them, and yet they understood from a woman's perspective and had a woman's empathy. 

Lets all enjoy, love and care for each other and if this means sex that's fine too as long as we are not cheating on a partner.
Dickiej69 Dickiej69
66-70, M
Sep 21, 2012