A Boy At School.

there is a boy at school, who i met on a ski trip this year(2012) in Feb. he was always looking at me in a sort of way, it was like he wanted to tell me some thing deep but he couldn't. the week had gone past and i was back at school, i was still think about that boy from the trip, so any way im walking down the hall way when i pass him, he looks up and smiles and keeps on walking "my name is Luke" he say's im like "ok im harun" and he keeps on walking with a smile on his face. i am now in year10 and he is year9 and every time he see's me he will smile and look away, but... one day i was with my friends and one of his friends came up to me and said " i need to speak with you alone" so i said "ok", so he takes me over to the side and says "see that boy over there(points to Luke)" i go "yes i can see him, what about him?" he says... this is what got me confused "he like you to haven and beyond he says, and i want to know if you would go out with him" im like "im well, not gay" he goes "he don't care will you go out with him?" i don't answer he say im gay he is gay and so his he (point to his other friend) but be fore he goes he says " he would take a bullet for you, and would treat you like a god, think about it wont you" and this was on Wednesday. so i don'y know what to do iv been asking my self should i go out with him, but one part of me is like NO!!! your not gay and that is it, i don,t know what to do i need some help to decide. but all of this love started with only him throwing a snow ball at me so i looked at him and his mouth drooped to the floor. from that day on he's not going to leave me alone until i say "Yes".
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well thank you to all the people who have read my story and give me advise on what to, i did go up to him and say if you are gay i have no problem but im sorry bit im not if you would like to stay friends by all mean we can do, so he said i would like that and h had a big smile on his face, so thank you to people who help me over come this shyness and let me tell Luke what a really fought of him. :)


you never know the friend you may pass up if you walk away from a person

when i first became friends with my best friend i never knew what he was i had never even heard of such a thing
yes after that first weekend i knew his body was very different from mine but i also knew he did not appear to be a young lady
as time went on i learned he liked girly things he even liked to be talked to like a young lady, he loved to play with dolls his bedroom was pink i knew he had dress in his closet just from putting stuff away in their on weekend

i still rmeber the wensday night hi smother picked us up at work and brought us home to change before we went shopping for the next 10 days or so as she sent robert to his room i was told she had to talk with me

i figured i was going to get in trouble for kissing her son on sunday morning and when she saw us it reallyw as clearly more then just as kiss between us
his mother used a lot of big words and i pnly understood a few of them as she called out a different name and i saw him for the first time the young lady he had been born as we held hand he took me to change really fast as he put both his arms around my neck as i lifted him up and we kissed on the mouth really fast as i dressed and we head out the door

As others have said no harm in talking,or being a friend and doing things together on a plutonic level,then after a time see how things are.As also stated hormones in teen-agers play havock but you could gain a good friend even if he is different from you sexually.

Follow your heart. You are still young yet, have a lot to experience yet. Go with the flow.
You may want to, just to see how you feel, then decide if you ever want to do it again.

It may or may not be illegal in your country at that age. So bear that in mind.<br />
Talk to him. Don't shun him. Discuss it..Be sensible- don't EVER do anything you'd rather not. But talking's ok. Even if its to say thanks but no thanks.<br />
I'll say this with the benefit of being older. You're still very much growing up so relationships of any sort are one sharp learning curve.At that age emotions are playing silly buggers. Sexuality's fluid. Preferences can change, its quite normal.