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Just Found Out That My Daughter Is Gay And Has A Serious Girlfriend

And I don't care. I love her, shes beautiful and my first child. Shes from another relationship that didn't work out when I was a teenager.

I have 2 boys, they're from my current marriage. I asked my wife what she would think if one of our boys turned out to be gay. She said she would kick them out. I don't understand her and her hate for gay people. I think its her brand of Christianity. Its very right wing evangelical and I hate it.

I told her if one of them turns out to be gay, we'll just kick her out instead, she wasn't very happy.

That's my story.

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Good for you for sticking by your kids! :) If I knew an emoticon for applause I put that here too! If kids can't count on love and acceptance from their own parents, then who are they supposed to believe can ever love them. Good for you. :)

I like that you were willing to support your daughter. There are a lot of adults out there that do not like gay people. And I think it is like what you said. That it's because of religion. See a long time ago everyone had to hide their sexuality. There were not a lot of openly gay people out there since it was not considered normal. I think you need to talk to your wife and ask her what it is about gay people she doesn't like. And to remind her that she may not biologically be her daughter but she is your daughter and that means that she has no choice but to accept her sexuality and that her ignorance can ruin the family and a lot of people can get hurt. Just tell her that your daughter being gay is not in any means hurting her. She's just being who she is and no one should be punished for that.

I'm sure you have let her know you still love her no matter what just let her know that and don't let your wife drive a wedge in the relationship of you and your daughter my dad and I used to be close and his wife don't like gays so me and him don't talk much anymore and I feel like I lost him don't let that happen!!

Wow. Thank you. I'm gay and it's hurt so bad because I didn't believe anyone loved me or would. 20 years later I'm still trying to build my life up and I think finally believing I'm good to go, loved, by God too. Thank you. The world should have more parents like you. Thank you.

I do not know if kicking her out would improve the situation. Yes it might be their choice whom they wish to be with. Being Gay doesn't change how they feel for each other and it shouldn't. And the fact that you understand that, it speaks a lot about you. You have accepted them and you love them for them and not who they are. Cheers mate.

I came here because the 'your' bothered me haha but thank you for standing up for your kids. It's hard enough being gay in world where people are ignorant of so much, but even harder when one's own family may judge them based on who they are. Even the little bit of skepticism and judgement I've felt from my mom has been hurtful.

May you always be filled with love and an open heart

This is so beautiful. I wish I could tell my parents, they aren't all for gay marriage and what not but I wish I could tell them I'm bisexual. I have a girlfriend and I don't want to keep her a secret forever. I wish you were my dad honestly.

Way to go we're all in it together!

Great response to your wife! How can a belief system create so much hate? They don't know what it's like to be gay. I believe some people can become gay, but I also firmly believe people are genetically born that way. I was watching some documentary a long time ago and they said (forget what gland) but the size of this gland and gender could determine if someone was gay. I know I don't make a great argument as I don't remember the details, but I just wanted to applaud your view!!!

You should ask her if she loves her children more than she hates homosexuality. It's not okay to kick your kids out because of what they feel like that, even if you don't support their feelings or relationships.

Wow! My opinion is the same as you and my wife is right wing evangelical.

My kids appear to be straight, still I cannot stand the anti gay stance some people and religions have.
Lets just be gay tolerant, at least. Life is not always easy for gay people!! No one growing up thinks, let me rebel, I will turn gay. It is a traumatic decision which needs loving support, especially from parents

By the way my wife is now my ex wife. Her ultra right wing evangelical church life played a huge role in the split!

This man is a role model for the human race

Nothing beats complementarity of man and woman.

Your just awesome seriously ive said this for ages im not a dad but if one of my mates turned gay everyone would hate them but i wouldnt i dont care what sexuality someone is its whats in the heart that does but dad of the year 2014 goes to you hat of to you sir

I wish my dad was more like you, you're awesome :) he is extremely homophobic :( I don't know what I am yet, though I support LGBT marriage and equality. My dad is getting so annoying, if I hear one more time that it's unnatural and they should be shot I'll bring a girlfriend home to him! (If I could get one, that is)

We need more people like you :)

Hands down for this man!

Bless you 💕

I like it but i need a boyfriend :(

you are an amazing father.
Your child is first no matter what.

Couldn't have been said better , I definitely agree

It is not a parents job to choose the paths of your children, it is our job to try and direct them when they are lost. We are not here to agree with their every decision only love them. No matter what, it is our job to love them unconditionally where nothing they can do or say would make you love them less.


Yeah... you just avoided every Dad of a girl's NIGHTMARE of a horrendously bad boyfriend.

In a way, you got REALLY lucky, and I'd be hard pressed to say you didn't know it.

Honestly, I have to congratulate you, not on the kids being gay part, but the kids part in general. It sounds like they are all happy and healthy. You've done pretty good as a dad.

Awe, I love you! Thanks for being supportive toward your daughter. Trust me, it isn't easy for us to begin with and if people say hateful or won't accept us for who we are then that will only make us hate ourselves. Regarding your wife, I believe her being judgmental, not accepting and hateful toward someone else is not a Christian thing to do. I believe God's love is unconditional.

i wish i had a parent like you, my mum accepts me now, but it took her a while to get to this stage, due also to her strict upbringing. hats off to you :) your daughter is lucky :)

Awesome attitume mate, you are one of those who make this world beareble!!!! regards

Sir I doth my cap to you seriously. If one of my kids, nieces or nephews turned out gay or lesbian I'll just ask them to invite their significant other over for dinner - cuz if it's true love, who are we to judge?

i agree

Agreed. Very well put!

I agree

Good for you! Your children are very lucky to have a supportive parent!

I also had an amazing Dad. He was a macho guy, an athlete in High School and a soldier in the US Army. My Dad was very intelligent and supported Gay Rights. He used to say "It doesn't matter what you love or who you love ... but THAT you love!" Both my Mom and Dad had gay friends and they were against prejudice and bigotry directed at any minority group. I am proud of their enlightened views and now that they are both gone, I miss them!