Just Found Out That My Daughter Is Gay And Has A Serious Girlfriend

And I don't care. I love her, shes beautiful and my first child. Shes from another relationship that didn't work out when I was a teenager.

I have 2 boys, they're from my current marriage. I asked my wife what she would think if one of our boys turned out to be gay. She said she would kick them out. I don't understand her and her hate for gay people. I think its her brand of Christianity. Its very right wing evangelical and I hate it.

I told her if one of them turns out to be gay, we'll just kick her out instead, she wasn't very happy.

That's my story.

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Good for you for sticking by your kids! :) If I knew an emoticon for applause I put that here too! If kids can't count on love and acceptance from their own parents, then who are they supposed to believe can ever love them. Good for you. :)

I'm sure you have let her know you still love her no matter what just let her know that and don't let your wife drive a wedge in the relationship of you and your daughter my dad and I used to be close and his wife don't like gays so me and him don't talk much anymore and I feel like I lost him don't let that happen!!

Wow. Thank you. I'm gay and it's hurt so bad because I didn't believe anyone loved me or would. 20 years later I'm still trying to build my life up and I think finally believing I'm good to go, loved, by God too. Thank you. The world should have more parents like you. Thank you.

I do not know if kicking her out would improve the situation. Yes it might be their choice whom they wish to be with. Being Gay doesn't change how they feel for each other and it shouldn't. And the fact that you understand that, it speaks a lot about you. You have accepted them and you love them for them and not who they are. Cheers mate.

I came here because the 'your' bothered me haha but thank you for standing up for your kids. It's hard enough being gay in world where people are ignorant of so much, but even harder when one's own family may judge them based on who they are. Even the little bit of skepticism and judgement I've felt from my mom has been hurtful.

May you always be filled with love and an open heart

This is so beautiful. I wish I could tell my parents, they aren't all for gay marriage and what not but I wish I could tell them I'm bisexual. I have a girlfriend and I don't want to keep her a secret forever. I wish you were my dad honestly.

Way to go we're all in it together!

Great response to your wife! How can a belief system create so much hate? They don't know what it's like to be gay. I believe some people can become gay, but I also firmly believe people are genetically born that way. I was watching some documentary a long time ago and they said (forget what gland) but the size of this gland and gender could determine if someone was gay. I know I don't make a great argument as I don't remember the details, but I just wanted to applaud your view!!!

Wow! My opinion is the same as you and my wife is right wing evangelical.

My kids appear to be straight, still I cannot stand the anti gay stance some people and religions have.
Lets just be gay tolerant, at least. Life is not always easy for gay people!! No one growing up thinks, let me rebel, I will turn gay. It is a traumatic decision which needs loving support, especially from parents

By the way my wife is now my ex wife. Her ultra right wing evangelical church life played a huge role in the split!

This man is a role model for the human race

Nothing beats complementarity of man and woman.

Your just awesome seriously ive said this for ages im not a dad but if one of my mates turned gay everyone would hate them but i wouldnt i dont care what sexuality someone is its whats in the heart that does but dad of the year 2014 goes to you hat of to you sir

I wish my dad was more like you, you're awesome :) he is extremely homophobic :( I don't know what I am yet, though I support LGBT marriage and equality. My dad is getting so annoying, if I hear one more time that it's unnatural and they should be shot I'll bring a girlfriend home to him! (If I could get one, that is)

We need more people like you :)

Hands down for this man!

Bless you 💕

I like it but i need a boyfriend :(

you are an amazing father.
Your child is first no matter what.

Couldn't have been said better , I definitely agree

It is not a parents job to choose the paths of your children, it is our job to try and direct them when they are lost. We are not here to agree with their every decision only love them. No matter what, it is our job to love them unconditionally where nothing they can do or say would make you love them less.


Yeah... you just avoided every Dad of a girl's NIGHTMARE of a horrendously bad boyfriend.

In a way, you got REALLY lucky, and I'd be hard pressed to say you didn't know it.

Honestly, I have to congratulate you, not on the kids being gay part, but the kids part in general. It sounds like they are all happy and healthy. You've done pretty good as a dad.

Awe, I love you! Thanks for being supportive toward your daughter. Trust me, it isn't easy for us to begin with and if people say hateful or won't accept us for who we are then that will only make us hate ourselves. Regarding your wife, I believe her being judgmental, not accepting and hateful toward someone else is not a Christian thing to do. I believe God's love is unconditional.

i wish i had a parent like you, my mum accepts me now, but it took her a while to get to this stage, due also to her strict upbringing. hats off to you :) your daughter is lucky :)

Awesome attitume mate, you are one of those who make this world beareble!!!! regards

Sir I doth my cap to you seriously. If one of my kids, nieces or nephews turned out gay or lesbian I'll just ask them to invite their significant other over for dinner - cuz if it's true love, who are we to judge?

i agree

Agreed. Very well put!

I agree

Good for you! Your children are very lucky to have a supportive parent!

I also had an amazing Dad. He was a macho guy, an athlete in High School and a soldier in the US Army. My Dad was very intelligent and supported Gay Rights. He used to say "It doesn't matter what you love or who you love ... but THAT you love!" Both my Mom and Dad had gay friends and they were against prejudice and bigotry directed at any minority group. I am proud of their enlightened views and now that they are both gone, I miss them!

Stick to it. To kick out your child, as a parent or even stepparent, is a rejection that child might never get over. And it basically renounces the entire parental role. Just because you've seen or heard of other parents doing it. Kicking out your child when there is a problem (especially something the child was born with) shows in a big way the opposite of solving and working through problems.. it says if there is a disagreement we walk away, turn our back, take back said love. What a horrible way of life to expose children to over a disagreement between supposed loved ones. I hope you stay strong and help your family to see love and not fear.

i wish i had a dad like u.

As a lesbian myself I say thank you. Coming out to my parents was one of the hardest things I've done in my life. My mom also a catholic showed nothing but love. You are an amazing Dad and would only pray for more parents like you. I too have lost friends due to their parents "kicking them out". Does it really matter who we love as love as we love? Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"...I told her if one of them turns out to be gay, we'll just kick her out instead."

*hands over dad of the year award*

Don't you respect your marriage vows?

As parents our support means so much to our children. My son is also gay and I will always be there for him. He's my best friend...I don't know how I would get through life without him...I have 3 other children and love them all..however our bond is awesome. I remember I had a friend and while we were at work she was crying,I asked her if she was OK she said she just got a phone call that her best friend committed suicide because her mom didn't accept her. So I SAY its OK to accept our children no matter what...we are all Gods children. GOD BLESS

As parents our support means so much to our children. My son is also gay and I will always be there for him. He's my best friend...I don't know how I would get through life without him...I have 3 other children and love them all..however our bond is awesome. I remember I had a friend and while we were at work she was crying,I asked her if she was OK she said she just got a phone call that her best friend committed suicide because her mom didn't accept her. So I SAY its OK to accept our children no matter what...we are all Gods children. GOD BLESS

Kudos dude! I am sure there are too many kids now days that would give anything for a dad as understanding as you.

some one eles got sucked in to the gay life God love even one gay but not the sin

Thanks for sharing. It's awesome to see that there are people with great hearts out there who are making the world a better place one person at a time. Let's hope your wife opens her mind as much as you have

GREAT story. Thank you :)

Lol. The absolutely right response. Love it. Haters are tough to understand but way to go for loving your daughter in all her glory :)

Nothing is more powerful and fulfilling that finding someone to love and they love you back. It's about happiness. I am catholic but have learned through relationships that a healthy happy relationship is more important than anything. If she is happy that has to make you happy and proud.

You are a wonderful, supportive Dad. You absolutely did the right thing- don't listen to anyone who says otherwise.

Most of us are made with an imperative to copulate, raise our offspring to their age of reproduction, and live enough longer to encourage them to repeat the same. Every species must reproduce or perish. The heterosexual is going to take great offense at any non-reproductive intimate personal relationship, appropriately. The wide variation of sexual imperatives and personalities give us opportunities to praise creation. We are who we are, and others are who they are. If I understood all of it, I would be god. Parents, please visit pflag.org for some more information. Enjoy!

Our Christian church told us we must disown our lesbian child. We chose to love the daughter God had given us and abandon their social club that causes so much pain and splits families. That was 20 years ago, and we are proud of her.

I'm a long time ex-Christian, but didn't the bible speak of there being godless churches in the future? I don't believe in a devil, but it a lot of things just don't sit right with me for some churches. Don't get me wrong I think it's great for people to get together and do positive things for people and their community, but what good is judging people?! Example of another topic, fiancé' sis adopted several black ,also mix but that's not the point. The point is the church told her she was wrong because black children shouldn't be raised by white people! I'm glad they didn't listen bc they are great kids!! We're all beings of this world, no matter sexual orientation, color, race, or even species! We all deserve understanding and respect even if we don't all agree or understand. Ok I'm done, lol

I really can't see how people can let religion rule their mind and hearts. It's like saying that you are unable to make decisions for yaself and this is how to live your life. Gets my goat a wee bit, ggrrrr...

you are correct. They use religion as an excuse for every act that they make. That way when they screw up , or hurt someone , or treat someone badly they can use their religion as an excuse and the reason for their actions. They never have to be accounable for anything they do. Master1A

It is so amazing to Me that a religion that is supposedly based on love and tolerance for all people that there is so much hatred and bigotry.... "christians " that act that way are the reason that I turned to My own alternative beliefs... you do have the right idea. Kick her bigot *** to the curb. Shes just a wife and you can get another, the kids are your own blood... Support them. Master1A

Lol loved your response as that would of been mine aswell.
My half brother is gay (same Mother different Fathers) they are wonderfull people just like anybody else and have alot of hurt that society puts on them with not accepting them for who they are. My friend just found out about her daughter being gay and will not accept it at all, tell me she is ashamed of her and she is an embarassment to the family. I bought her Ellen Degeneres Moms book but she can't bring herself to read it.

I'm not gay and had a bad experiece with gay men (got gang raped) but even so its your child you love them no matter what, They make choices we don't like but it's their lifeand all we can do is advise and then try to understand. Your wife faced with that decision might change her mind. old saying "easy to say hard to do"

who cares . besides theirs a ****** plague of them..

You are very strong and the ending caused my to burst into laughter. I disagree with religion in general, but condone it. Just my opinion. I do not think fear is the best motive.

I am a straight male and nineteen years old. Had a phase where I thought I was Bisexual. Turned out I was not, but it was a great experience. I now have gay and straight friends. Sometimes I wish I was gay. The homosexuals I know are a lot nicer to each other. In the supportive way. However, everyone is different.

You are a very accepting person and I don't understand why your wife is so strongly against it. In my eyes it doesn't seem like a big issues. At least she is honest.

For the record I do not hate anyone. Just disagree.... a lot :)

Good for you for standing by your daughter and accepting her for who she is but please don't think all Christians hate gay people, I am a Christian and I don't hate anyone.

You gave a wonderful reply. There is nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian ... just as there is nothing wrong with being left-handed or having blue eyes. Even if the majority isn't - who cares?! Keep loving and supporting your daughter.

I'm glad that you support your daughter's RIGHT to be a lesbian. You are a good father for accepting it and being there for her.
With all due respect, your wife needs to learn a thing or two about who GOD really is. Many of the things in the Bible that we have today were written not by the prophets, but by editing done by King James and his gang of Christian-hating psychopaths, whose goal it was to destroy the faith, and corrupt it, using nothing but lies to change peoples beliefs into thinking God HATES something for a reason, and that it's okay to judge others and preach all this FALSE hellfire and brimstone garbage. God doesn't hate. He loves us. 1 Cor 13. That is the definition of God. Anything else that contradicts the meaning in this passage is man-made garbage. Jesus saved all souls, not just a few select ones. God's love is unconditional and complete. "I will not abandon the ones who did not hear my voice." Jesus died so that sin would not mask us from God's eyes. (the curtain in the temple was torn in two) He doesn't turn his back on us. We turn our backs on God. God has no back to turn against us, as his eyes are everywhere. He has complete mercy on us, because that is the most powerful expression of love. If you hate an injustice, hate the injustice, but have mercy on the one who was unjust. There is nothing wrong with being gay. God said to love one another. Not judge one another. Our choices make us unique individuals, which is what God wants us to explore. He made every snowflake differently, so shouldn't we all be different? Only the hatred of the devil wants us all to be robots and act like books upon a shelf. Your wife needs to learn who God really is, but you should also love her, and thereby forgive her and have mercy upon the sin of hatred and judgment that she just committed, even though it hurt you by what she said. You need to tell her that she is wrong, and to read 1 Cor 13. If she continues to be judgmental, and not believe scripture, she is not doing the work of God. We must learn the truth after we sin, but only through sin can we learn the truth. Our absence from God makes us want to turn back around and see God again, and say, "I messed up." Sin is deadly as it is the work of the devil. If you do good, by loving, you are worshiping God by doing his work. If you do evil by hating, you are worshiping the devil by doing his work. That is why God says that sin is a complete separation from him, as love and hate are totally on opposite ends of existence. "Whatever you do to others, you do to me." John the baptist said "I baptize you in water, but the one who is coming after me will baptize the world in fire." The purification of the human race is already complete. "All things I have created belong to me and will return to me." God created the souls. The souls return to God. God did not create sin, so the sins go to everlasting flames. Our souls are cleansed and the sins have been departed from us. God remembers no more that even what we do on earth, doesn't matter to him, because he's already forgiven all of us. What about the people in the world who will never see a Bible? "If you don't read this book, and believe it you go to hell!" You mean to tell me that God is so self-centered and a megalomaniac that in order for him to love us, we have to read a book? Or does God put the IMAGE OF HIS SPIRIT in every person, and let love exist within them, so that the SPIRIT of Jesus Christ, the Father and Holy Spirit can live within us all. In the beginning, God was like us, in emotional chaos. He created the angels to understand the functions of his feelings and thoughts. Then through their actions, he found the differences between good and evil, and LOVED the light, kept it with him eternally and SEPARATED the DARKNESS apart from the LIGHT. God did not create the darkness, but it existed, and he was able to divide the two from one another. As we are in our minds and hearts, being able to do both good and evil, but our choices make us who we are. We were made in God's image, not in the physical body, but in the spirit. God's mind was in chaos, but he never sinned. He chose to be righteous all the time. And by doing so, he was able to completely remove all the darkness from him, within himself and within heaven. That is what he requests us to do in our lives. Because he knows that in succeeding, we have the greatest feelings and power in our souls. But he knows we won't succeed as he did. Because of his love for us, and his great power, he removed the darkness from us, though the blood of his son Jesus.
Your wife is a good woman, but she still needs to learn what love is, and who God really is, and live life, completely surrounded by love. Otherwise, the devil will come in and eat up her faith until the faith no longer exists. That is what the devil has been doing to us. Making us hate others with justified reasons, and that is why others hate us back and become agnostic or athiests, because they see the lies of a judgmental and vile church that is far from God. That is why the church is breaking up into pieces and the house has been divided amongst itself and cannot stand. Hatred for our differences. Judging people for their lifestyles. Nobody is perfect. Everyone is different. Show a little tolerance and acceptance, even if you don't understand. That is love. You showed your daughter love. Your love should help your wife understand it as well, because you love her. Soon she will understand, and with love, will accept your daughter, and your sons if they ever make a choice that MAN says is an abomination.

I wish you God's peace and his will be done at this moment.

God bless you and the family

That was beautifully stated Wantadona!!!!!! Definitely my way of thinking!!!!! :)

If your wife is a true Christian then it should not matter if your children are gay. What I mean by that is we are not called to judge them but to love them and with that love comes praying for our children and God will do the rest!!

l am so with you Zygote404, I do admire the way you have accepted your daughter!!!! Hopefully if one of your sons becomes gay, she would change her way of thinking!!!!
Good luck to all of you my friend!!!!! :)

All should read the new book just out "ONE" The gospel according to mike by michael williams

I see Gods grace in this story and have hope for mankind.I aalso have a young gay son and can only say to those that judge,"your wrong'!My love for my son could.never be diminished over his sexuality.He is that little spunky quirky fuunny little boy i raised.What a vift from God.I will never judge Gods gift to me.

That's beautiful. I... I can't really think of anything to say. I'd like to say something deep and meaningful, but all I can think of is "That's beautiful." And it is beautiful, that you're so supportive and love your daughter as she is, when half of society condemns her. It's beautiful, and I wish more people sympathized and were as supportive as you.

Im a christian as well and we do not hate gays. We love them but we have to let them know we hate their lifestyle and it is not pleasing to God and they are in danger of hells fire. We all sin myself included but we have to repent and ask forgiveness. Gay people think that its ok and are not trying to turn away. Kicking a child out for sinful behavior is tough love to let them know its not right. Plenty of people have turned away from that type of lifestyle thru being saved and jesus christ. the devil is tricking people into believing its ok so he can have their soul. You may not believe but that doesnt mean its not true. Praying all homosexuals repent and turn away so can all rejoice in heaven for what jesus has done. Praying that u putting your wife out was a joke. That is why jesus said do not be unequally yoked with non believers. Meaning christians should marry other christians. Praying your wife helps you come to jesus and help minister to your daughter because jesus intended for a man and a woman to be together not the same sex god bless

I happy to see that you do not hate gays. I am a converted Christian myself, moving from Islam to the Catholic church a decade ago. But what many refuse to see is that many (not all) gay or transgendered persons are born with these very natural physical drives to love and live in a certain manner. Some, as bisexual, choose and navigate at will satisfying every sexual whim and desire with anyone who will reciprocate those desires. But some like myself were born with strong impressions which formed naturally. My only choice is to live in my own hell, praying for heaven or live in my own heaven fearful of hell. Those choices are not the reality for persons such as yourself who are fortunate to be borne without controversy.

My question, who is the bigger sinner...the obese person or the gay person?

I think it is a fair question. So much emphasis is placed on the gay demographic. What about other sins? If you are fat, and you repent an ask forgiveness for your gluttony, but remain ever fat, would you consider that person in the same class of sinner as the gay?

For most, I say they do not, yet God has provided us with a long list of sins with obesity included. With this long list, no sliding scale was provided for which tells us which sin is most disagreeable with God.

We are all sinners, you admit sin yourself. Yet, you continue to sin as do I. Humans will continue to sin and repent and sin and repent yet some will convienently assume that their own sins are less important than another's sin.

God is infinite in his understanding. You or others may never comprehend Gods grace as it relates to those who are borne disadvantaged but I reuse to believe that God cannot understand persons like me just because humans refuse or are incapable of it. I believe in God - and all of the possibilities that could exist with an infinite love of his children.

Words important and well said.

No sin is bigger than the other. Jesus looks at the heart. Are we truely sorry and do we mean it when we repent. Yes some people are born disadvantages but that is no excuse to stay in sin. That is why when you accept jesus as your lord and savior and let him into your heart you are born again the past is the past.

You are not being a sinner because you are obese. You only sin when you are being a glutton, which means "To take more than you need" and that means EVERYTHING, not just food. Just because you are overweight does not mean that you need to repent. Being gay does not mean that you need to repent. As neither of these things are sinful. Sin is caused ONLY by HURTING YOURSELF OR HURTING OTHERS WITH HATRED AS YOUR INFLUENCE. How do gay people hurt each other? Aren't they loving one another? It's natural to be gay, or bi-sexual, and it can also be a choice. The brain develops differently than the body during fetal development. Sometimes things happen by nature. God made our souls in his image, not our bodies. God would not curse a person with an imperfect body or mind. Our differences are what make us human, and we need to love each person's uniqueness. And what about intersexed ( hermaphrodites )or transgenders and transsexuals? Are they going to hell just because their body is a certain way, or their mind is a different way. That's why there is a difference between SEX ( body part ) and GENDER ( feminine or masculine in the mind ). Whether you are born that way, or decide to do something that you enjoy, you are not sinning unless you hurt yourself because you hate yourself, or hurt others because you hate others. Failing a test in school is not a sin. It's a mistake. A mistake is not a sin. It's just an accident that happens by chance. If you refuse to study because you are lazy, then you have sinned (sloth). But through both, we must learn to do better next time. Lousharp is right. No sin is bigger than another. They are all separations from God. But the sins are easily defined in the 10 Commandments. Everything else is man-made to either protect and defend people from committing these sins - or sinfully destroys peoples' natural human rights ( anti-gay laws ) given to us by God.

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It's great that u support your daughter. about ur wife just tell her the truth and if she won't understand then demand respect for your daughter .ultimately love prevails. do what's right in your heart and don't let her hurt you or your child with her retrograde thinking. just ask her to put herself in your daughter s shoes

It's great that u support your daughter. about ur wife just tell her the truth and if she won't understand then demand respect for your daughter .ultimately love prevails. do what's right in your heart and don't let her hurt you or your child with her retrograde thinking. just ask her to put herself in your daughter s shoes

My wife is also a very strong Christian that struggles with homosexuality. I have never asked her what she would do if one of our kids was gay. Why? Because I don't give a ****. If she can't live with it then she goes. It's my house. She doesn't get the choice of who lives there. I do. And NOBODY will ever tell me my kids can't live with me regardless of the circumstances.

As I have said elsewhere on this forum, both Love and sexuality are not gender-specific. As we approach the Aquarian Age, we will have to realize this, and stop putting people in iron-clad boxes.

I dont know why she should gay but rather pray

Her father is not christlike to condone sinful behavior. He is obviously not saved like most people posting on this site that sin is okay. Do you hear from jesus? Did you ever ask jesus to come into your heart and truely mean it. Glory be to jesus for judgement day when he sets the record straight

This just made my day. I'm a Christian and came from a strict Christian family, when I tried to come out to my mom that I was bi and in a relationship with a guy; she told me to "go pray for the repentence of your sins" and that my "sins" would "go away". I had such a hard time coping with that, broke my heart. I'm currently dating this sweet guy and I know that I will lose my parents if I tell them (my father is the grandson of a preacher and much, much worse than my mom). I had the nerve to tell my eldest sister (just as strict as them), who has always had a great relationship with me and we were very close, and she has practically disowned me (I was taken out of her will as guardian of her children in case something were to happen to her, we no longer talk on the phone, etc). I wish that more people in the world were like you. Loving someone, trusting someone, and being a friend/family to someone should not depend on their sexual orientation. I'm very happy to learn that you know this. Children are the future, and with open minded parents, like you, the future gets a little brighter.

You're a wonderful father. I wish my dad was more like you.

Give her time. People often say things that they are conditioned to say, without really reflecting on it. She will come around when it dawns on her that someone's sexuality is only a very small part of who they are. Thank you for respecting and supporting your daughter. The world needs more dads like you.

U are awesome. Thank u for being so awesome

That's so nice, I wish everyone would be like that - love their kid more than they dislike the idea of homosexuality.

bless you!! for loving your daughter as she is, & being there for her. sorry your wife feels that way. my older sister is gay, when she told me i told her you took long enough telling me, then i said are you ready to tell mom? that day she did i stood by her & my mother replied long as your happy & she respects you. invite her for dinner. it surprised me my mom is old fashioned but she loves & respects us. we need more supportive parents like you. maybe your wife will change...love your story

good story

The best of luck! No matter what happens, sounds like you are a loving parent, and you will make the right decision, I have learn that your kids come first, we could love someone with all our heart, the love for a son, or daugher is powerfull, and big......

I am so sorry that she feels that way. If my daughter came to me today and told me she was gay I would so happy she was able to come to me. I am so sorry that your wife feels this way. They are just like you and I and people have to realize that. I am glad that it is open now and people can come out and not be afraid to show how they feel. I would like to talk more would u please be friends with me? Message me and let me know....I hope to here from u....Have a good night..

i am proud of you. I wish there were more supportive parents out there that accept gay or bi sons and daughters. my best friend is a lesbian and the best person I have ever met in my life. and people that think that it is a sin to be gay is bullshit because I know that god wouldnt send my best friend to hell for being gay. she has accomplished many things in life that most people cant or wouldnt do. and you will never find a more kind person in your life... someone that will literally give you the shirt off their back. keep up the good work with your daughter and i hope your wife can learn to support it. being gay doesnt change who you are... people like who they like. nobody told you that you were straight. you just knew... gay people are the same way. it isnt something that can be taught. all you can do is support her the best you can.

My understanding of the very controversial scripture that provokes the attitude to gays is that it refers directly to male homosexuality. It remains conspicuously mute on the feminine aspect? Not voicing an opinion. Just an observation.

ive got to give you props man for being a true n real parent. if it were one of my kids i wouldnt care either =) lol loved how you pissed the wife off.

Found out many years ago that both of our daughters were gay. I was a bit shocked when I found out that they were sleeping together but it's who they are and I still love them.

Haha! Yeah that's a good plan. Actually, if I were in that situation I'd probably just kick her out now. I mean, you can't control your child's choices. For me, when I read the part of the Bible that says don't sleep with people of the same sex, that just means that I'm not going to, not that I get to tell other people that they shouldn't. It's between them and God, none of my business. And turning the person out on the street is pretty harsh. You should ask her what she would do if she found out one of your boys had had sex before marriage; would her response be the same? If not, then she's homophobic, because there is no difference between the two. Both are sexual sins according to the Bible, so shouldn't be treated differently if one believes in the Bible.
[/end of rant]

I understand both parties. She is way extreme who would throw out there child? Bad parenting but you were also wrong in saying she'd be thrown out. Why not talk to her in a language she understands IE christianity? God is love and love is not self seeng throwing a child out is selfish. Good parenting on your part bad husband though. Sorry hun that was rude.

"Why not talk to her in a language she understands IE christianity?"

Her brand of Christianity isn't going to mesh with the 'god is love' mantra of more liberal Churches if her denomination is what her husband specified.

I see a good screwing in your future. And not the fun kind from the looks of it. You're a good husband and a good dad. You might want to start devising your defense Good luck!

Congratulations !!! No matter what she will always be your princess ! Great dad.

Standing up to the unloving and scared anti-love movement is a must! It was surely difficult for your daughter to come out to you. Your love and normalcy are what she needs. Keep it up!

You are an awesome dad! I wish more people had your mindset. In her defense, my mom, when she found out about me, said "I wish you weren't cause its going to be a hard life". She eventually came around because times are different than what she was used to, but more acceptance would definitely make life easier.

"I told her if one of them turns out to be gay, we'll just kick her out instead, she wasn't very happy." That was the perfect response. Brava.

I totally agree with you.
Its not like gay people are aliens of some sort. They are humans like us and they deserve to be treated as such.

I like you too, you are A1

I like you..... keep being awesome!

im happy you forgave her...this made me happy cus most my friend sthat were gay got yelled at for it...but you forgave her

anyone here who can love me?

give some time to her and explain sweetly..

georgeous as! *thumbs up dude*